Saturday, September 13, 2008

This is SO us!!

I was watching Sesame Street clips on youtube with Tralee when I came across this Bert and Ernie clip. I was laughing out loud while watching because this is such a Jim and Leslie situation!! I never thought I would relate to Bert and Ernie!!

For those of you who know Jim, you know he's an active guy who hates just sitting around. He also likes to push people's buttons for his own amusement. There are too many occasions in our marriage to count the number of times Jim has done something like Ernie does to Bert in this clip. I also usually react the exact same way Bert does. This is pretty much an everyday occurrence in our house. As soon as Tralee and I finished watching this, I made Jim watch it to. He agreed with me, "That's us!" he said. So, enjoy taking a peek into our lives with a skit done by Bert and Ernie. Ernie plays the part of Jim, and Bert is Leslie (although we look nothing like them. . . I hope!)


Joni said...


Mary Ann Carlile said...

That was hilarious! Even though I haven't seen you in years, it did really remind me of you;)

Wade and Katelyn said...

That is hysterical. You're right, it's totally Jim, you are one patient woman!

Croslands said...

I just sat and laughed and laughed. Thanks for that, it was fun.

Tandy J said...

funy help me get a clip.hhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa
hah lol lol lol lol lol lol lol


susan lewis brown said...

Too funny! I guess we have to wait and see if Tralee is more like Ernie or Bernie. I love the pics of her and Corky.