Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bugs Bugs and More Bugs

Today was Toddler Wednesday at the Boise Art Museum, so Tralee and I left at around 10am this morning to check it out. The art project today was so much fun! I had more fun this time because Tralee actually got into it! This was the first time she didn't just want to run around the room and go play in the Art Experience gallery.

The project was based on Catherine Chalmers' American Cockroach exhibition. BAM's art studio is set up with several large tables with numerous little stools around them. Today the tables had these supplies on them:
What do you ask did we do with these supplies? We made bugs! This was such a cute idea. Next time you get a package full of those annoying little packing noodles, don't throw them away! I didn't realize this, but if you get them just a little wet, they stick together. So, BAM had different colored packing noodles, pipe cleaner, different colored wires, scissors, moist sponges, and then let the toddlers (and adults) go to town making their very own bugs!! Here's Tralee working on one.

This was her finished project
Tralee showing me her finished wormy worm
I knew Tralee loved this project because she kept kissing the bugs we made. I couldn't get her to stop. She would pause every now and then and I would hear her go "MWAH!" It was so funny! People around us were laughing too.
Here's our first creation. I let Tralee pick out all the colors, and I showed her how to do it. We call this bug Lucy -- short for luciernaga (firefly in Spanish).
Our next creation was a worm. It kind of looks like Slimey from Sesame Street, so that's what we named him.
I was ready to leave, but Tralee didn't want to, so we made one more buggy. His name is Bert. Bert the Butterfly.Here are our buggies all together.

Before we left BAM I let Tralee play in the Art Experience room. She loves the magnet shapes and puzzles in there.
We played in the rose garden for a while (pictures of that soon to come) and left for home. Tralee fell asleep on the way home and took a nice long nap once we arrived. While Tralee was napping I watched the Netflix movie that smiled up at me from the mailbox this morning. I know, I should have done something more productive with my time, but I just didn't feel like it. So I watched The Other Boleyn Girl, and quite enjoyed it! It was a sad story, but made me think about what I learned in World History those many years ago in High School. I had several preconceived notions about King Henry. This movie made me re-think them just a bit. I could ramble on about this forever, but I won't bore you. I think I might crack open a history book and brush up on my history though. Entertaining and interesting to say the least!

We had a really fun day!


Hannah S said...

Those are so cute! What a great idea! How did they dye them? I wish our art museum had a day like that. Maybe I'll have to check it out.

I thought the movie was not as good (or graphic) as the book. Although it's historical fiction, I did learn a lot from both.

Audie said...

Love the bugs! Jovie and I might have to accompany you guys to the museum next time. I bet she'd really enjoy that. Or it could be the opposite and I'll have to chase her around the entire time. I loved that movie too. I could watch it again. Might have to. Hmm...okay...tired. Bye!

Channing said...

she is getting so big. it is so sad. I can even believe how Pretty her little face is. I love it. I cant wait to see what your guys little boys will look like. Probably little studs. Looks like you two had a lot of fun making these crafts. Give my little Tralee dee dee da dee a hug and kiss and let her know Aunty Chan Chan misses her and loves her.

Love ya to death,

Joni said...

What a fun little project! I love that she kissed all the bugs!

And i loved that movie too. I just watched it last week for the first time. Love your guts.

Boom said...

Tralee is so talented. I love the Irish dancing! Jim wasn't really playing that instrument, was he?