Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekend Fun

We had a pretty good weekend (TMNT aside). We went to the temple, went to a BBQ, went to church, and hung out with Jim's cousin's family on Sunday night. Here are some photos from Tricia and Jeff's BBQ.

I was singing one of the pony or horsey songs to Tralee while she rode on my legs. This picture is from my point of view. The sky was so blue and her little eyes were so brown looking down at me that I thought I better capture the moment.

Here is her trusty pal Elmo. I don't know what we would do without him. I put him in the diaper bag to take to Grandma's house, and Tralee would have nothing to do with it. She rescued him from the depths of the diaper bag with such force, that it was clear how much she loves this little guy. He travels with her in the car, and accompanies her most places.

This is just a cute photo of Tralee, the sun shining brightly upon her.

What would we do without Daddies that throw us in the air?

Tralee playing Croquet (is that how it's spelled?)

Last night Jim and I went to Jared and Audie's. It was fun. We let our girls run around and splash in a puddle outside. Afterwards we hosed them off in the bathtub. It was cute to see them together. Jovie is about a year older than Tralee and says some pretty funny things. She had us all cracking up. Tralee was her normal funny, cute self. We had a good time.

This weekend was a success!!

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Boom said...

NaNa will have a heart attack when she sees how high Jim throws Tralee into the air. Jim did that with Todd once and missed, but grabbed his shirt before he hit the ground. Be careful Jim!!!!!