Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bad Apples

Jim joined a gang, and they're called the Bad Apples. Okay, it's not a gang, it's just Jim's hockey team's name. Jim's cousin Jared recruited him into a hockey league. Since Adrienne and her girls were in town, we decided to go support Jim while he was playing in the second hockey game of his career. It was fun to watch my man looking all sexy out there on the ice. I thought he did rather well for it being his second game. Jim's cousin Trenton Thomas came to watch also. It was fun to visit with everyone, but it was mostly fun to watch my man.

Tandra made a sign that said, "GO! JIM GO!" Whenever he was out on the ice, we shouted this at him. I asked Jim later if this embarrassed him. He said he didn't, and that he loved it. Here is Jim's little cheering squad:
Tralee and I wore our Canadian socks as a gesture of support for the leading man in our life:
A collage of Jim playing hockey:

Another Hockey picture:

Jim going for a goal. . . he missed, but it was exciting!!After the game, goofing around:

Tralee ran around for most of the game. She got a lot of comments on this cute little outfit!! She has a cute face to go with the outfit! Don't you think?


Necha said...

Yes I do think she has a cute little face to go with that outfit! They don't get much cuter than that!!!

Boom said...

Aw Yes! Cute! Jim will really enjoy talking hockey with the DEI team because my boss Dave and his two boys are all about hockey and so is our guy Mike. All of his older kids play too.