Saturday, June 21, 2008

Julia Davis Park Playground

Yesterday Jim, Tralee, and I headed towards downtown Boise to look at a bike shop. I want a new bike. I've had my eye on a cruiser, but didn't know if one would be appropriate considering we're moving out into the country where there are hills a-plenty. I talked to a worker at the bike shop and he explained they make 21 speed cruisers that would suit my needs just fine. The down side? They cost a pretty penny. Plus, I need to purchase a trailer and helmet for the wee one. Since we still have a lot to do to our house on Chicken Dinner Road (yes, that's the real name of the street we'll live on) we decided to wait on the bike. I'll also keep my eyes open on Craigslist to see if the bike I've put on my wish list turns up. It doesn't hurt to look, right?

After bike perusing, Jim and I went through the West Side Drive Inn. We ordered some food (I LOVE their sweet potato french fries -- YUMMY) and went to Julia Davis Park to chow down and watch Tralee play on the play ground there.

Tralee's favorite thing to do at the playground -- hands down -- is swing. As soon as she spots the swings she runs towards them with glee. Usually an excited little squeltch (I know it's not a real word, but don't know how else to describe it) escapes her mouth as she approaches the swing set. When we went to the park for free lunch yesterday afternoon, the park was flooded. Luckily the swing set was just fine. So, I pushed Tralee in the swings while she ate.

Daddy and Tralee invented a new game while swinging at Julie Davis Park. Tralee started kicking Daddy when she swung towards him, and Jim kept saying, "Ow! You got me!" Looking back, we probably shouldn't invent any games where our daughter is kicking anyone, but she laughed so hard, I didn't want to stop the fun she was having. So, we'll teach her about kicking later.

Look at her little leg, cocked and loaded, ready to kick! What a funny little girl.

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Crosland's said...

Ah the good old memories of Julia Davis. I am a little jealous!