Monday, June 2, 2008

16 Month Weight and Height Update

We just got back from Tralee's doctor's appointment. She's 32 inches long, and weighs 27 lbs. She's in the 75% for both.

The doctor wasn't too concerned with Tralee not talking yet, as she understands very well. However, if there's no REAL words over the next three months he wants to re-evaluate.

Tralee gave Dr. Babel a high-five. That was the first time she interacted with him. Usually she just screams her head off as he checks her out. I'm glad she's making progress.


Jim said...

How can Tralee not be talking with a Dr. named Babel as in the Tower of Babel??

Necha said...

27 lbs? Holy Crap! What is wrong with my child then!? Tessa was 22 lbs last week when we took her to the ER-of course she was sick so she may have lost a little weight-That's it!...twinkies for breakfast lunch and dinner...We can't let Tralee out do us!! *LOL*