Friday, June 20, 2008

Someday. . .

. . . I hope to find an old building with character and fix it up into my dream home. For a long time I wanted to do this with an old barn. I thought keeping the old wooden beams, and having a huge loft overlooking an open floor-plan would be amazing. However, since I've moved away from Wisconsin there seems to be a shortage of old barns in the western states. So, that plan has kind of been put on the back-burner.

Today I went and saw a beautiful building so full of character I wanted to cry because it was just the kind of project I would love to undertake! Jim's been installing cabinets in an old, brick, school house. A couple purchased it four years ago, and have been working on making it into their dream home ever since. I fell in love when I first saw it. It's AMAZING! I didn't have my camera, but I'll have to drive by and capture a picture or two to post later.

The outside is all brick, and there's a beautifully maintained front yard with flowers and a fountain. To the side there's another yard with a cute play area. Next to the large brick schoolhouse is a gymnasium that looks like it was added onto the property several years after the original school house was built. Maybe they'll keep a basketball court for their kids to play on. But back to the house. They gutted the inside, and kept only the elements that would allow the old school-house feel to linger. For instance, the staircases are still the original with new hard-wood on them. They're nice and wide and are prominent in the heart of the house. I could just picture little school children traveling up and down as they went to class. There are also huge arched windows in every room. They're just BEAUTIFUL, and so full of character! They fill the house up with light. It looks like they're going to put a huge theater room in the basement. How fun! The whole building has high ceilings and although there's four stories it all feels homey and connected. Jim told me several amazing things that the couple discovered as they restored this building. One of which is they found out one of their grandparents went to school there as a child. COOL! There is so much character, and so much detail in the house, I just wanted to cry I loved it so much. I'm glad Jim let me come see where he's been working, because I just adored it.

Seeing this amazing project this couple has undertaken also rekindled the hope that I might someday find an old building and create my dream home. I love homes with character, and although I wouldn't complain if we someday build a new home, I'm much more drawn to the older ones with history. I know once this couple moves in with their kids they'll be so happy! Their new home is a beautiful, charming, historic gem!

So, what's your idea of a dream home?


Audie said...

I'm the same way. I would love something old to fix up and make a home. Can't wait to see pics of the place! It sounds amazing!

Mary Ann Carlile said...

Ummm, I can't think of what my dream home would be because well, I just want a HOME!

Necha said...

I want to see pictures of that place!!