Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Look Who's In Town!!

Adrienne Jacobs and her two daughters, Tandra and Cassie, are in town. HOORAY! We are having lots of fun together. The only bad thing is, the weather hasn't been very nice while they're in town. They live in St. George, UT so anything below 70 is freezing to them. It's been in the 50's at worst and lower 70s at best. Oh well.

Grandma Tricia didn't know Ade and her girls were in town, so we surprised her by telling her she needed to come to the Y on Tuesday. She didn't know why, and got a big surprise when she got there. Tandra and Cassie made a little sign that said, "Surprise! We GOTCHA!!" I also showed the girls how to make some little crafty magnets and Cassie made a few for Grandma as well. They were very cute. Here is Grandma getting surprised.Our swim at the Y was very fun. Some highlights were going down the slide, the lazy river, jumping off the diving board, and splashing water at each other with the fountains. Here are some pictures from our excursion to the YMCA.I tried to get a cute picture of Grandma Tricia with Trandra and Cassie, but every time I tried to take the picture the girls would duck under water, so I gave up. SILLY!!

We took some underwater shots, here are a few of them. Look at the huge air bubble coming out of my nose!
This one is my favorite underwater shot of Tandra, Cassie, Adrienne, and me. We look weird underwater. Adrienne and I both decided we could not be on America's Next Top Model for the simple fact that we look horrid underwater. Looks aside, it's a pretty cool shot.
The last shot is of Tralee and me before leaving the Y. I put her in a cute little Minnie Mouse outfit equipped with ears and a tail. She also wore it to her Daddy's hockey game later that night.

To say we had a good time at the YMCA with our extended family would be a vast understatement.

More posts soon to come. . . .


Boom said...

What a great time. Tell Adrian and the girls "Hi". Man, I keep hearing of people moving to St George.

Jim said...

Great pictures Leslie, thanks for taking the time to share