Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cake Eating Contest

Towards the end of Thursday night's BBQ we came up with a great idea. Instead of throwing the rest of a chocolate cake away, Jim and Cassi should have a cake eating contest. There are no words to describe. . . just look at the pictures.

Before snarfing up the incredibly rich chocolaty mess

Digging In

Slowing down considerably, and feeling a bit sick. Tandra had to tag-team in at some point for both of them.

Tandra's Turn
Jim, in some desperate need of milk

Cassi, also in need of some milk

There really are no words.

They both agreed to concede. There was no loser or winner. Just some crazy people with chocolate covered faces and belly aches. The later went away swiftly after a full glass of milk was administered. I think they'll be laying off chocolate cake for a while though.


Mary Ann Carlile said...

Does that happen to be the freakin' huge chocolate cake from Costco? I LOVE THAT THING!

Amberly said...

the time with ade and the girls looks like so much fun! I bet trish was super surprised- I hope everyone is having a blast!!