Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer Days

I'm having a lot more fun this summer. I think it's because last year I couldn't really go and do things with Tralee. She was just too young. This year we've been having a lot of fun playing at parks, going for walks, swimming, taking her to the Boise Art Museum, Discovery Center, and Zoo. One thing is for sure, Tralee does not have a timid personality. She wants to go and do as much as she can. There's absolutely no holding her back. If I try to put a cautious hand on her shoulder when she's about to do something potentially dangerous, she shakes my hand away, gives me a little "leave me alone" growl, and continues on her quest. I think we're going to have our arms full in the coming years. I laughed while we were at the park yesterday and an older girl was cautiously clinging to her Mom's leg while Tralee was climbing to the highest part of the swingset. In the last week, Tralee has been trying to master the ladder. She saw the older kids climbing up it, and since then she's made it a mission to try and climb it also. It's really fun to watch her.
One of my favorite times of day is when Jim gets home from work. It's really cute to see Tralee run up to him when he walks through the door. It's also nice, because usually around this time I need to finish putting dinner together. Jim plays with Tralee while I do this. It's amazing how much faster I can work when there's not a one-year-old running around and through my legs.

I've been in a slump when it comes to cooking --I've had no motivation -- so I purchased a new cookbook to see if that would kick me into gear. It worked. Last night I made chicken and shrimp curry with peanut sauce. It was really good, and fun to make. I used ingredients I've never used before. It turned out great, and there are several more fun recipes in the cookbook I can't wait to try. Hopefully I stay out of my anti-cooking slump.
We're flying to Ohio on Tuesday to visit my family. It should be fun. I can't say I'm looking forward to the long flights with a one-year-old, but at least Jim will be along to help. I can't imagine flying without him. Hopefully all will go well.


Jim said...

Can't wait to see you guys


Hannah S said...

Have fun w/your family! The Stoehr's will be Shawano. Fun times!