Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tralee's First Day of School

Tralee was mostly excited and a little nervous on her first day of school.  She told me, "I have one butterfly in my tummy."  One is not too bad, especially when you're the new girl.  Here are some pictures of her first day:

When I picked her up at the end of the day and asked her how it went her reply was, "I LOVED IT!!"  I'm so glad she did.  In fact, almost every day is filled with happy stories, excitement, and love for her new school.  Her old school was great, but she was NEVER excited to go.  In fact, she would ask me, "Can I be sick so I don't have to go today."  Nothing was wrong, she had lots of friends, loved her teacher, but the day was just too long for her.  She spent most of the day in one chair, with the exception of the one hour every day she got to go to either music, computers, library, or gym class and then the other breaks for recess and/or lunch.  At her new school, Tralee goes to a new classroom for every topic which breaks up the day for her and keeps her mind active.  She also has either art, music, dance, and/or gym everyday.  I was surprised that the only recess Tralee has is at lunch, but she's never once complained about it because she's so busy and active during the school day.  We're really loving her new school.

Here's a picture of her on day two:

She's happy and ready to go. . . also KNEE SOCKS!  I love them!

Hunter's first day of school post coming soon.

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