Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hunter's First Day of School

Oh man, Hunter's first day of school was a hard one for me.  We did all our usual first-day traditions.  I gave him his special book with an inscription from me.  It was the same book I gave Tralee on her very first day of school; The Kissing Hand.  Hunter and I read it together before he left for school.  I also read the inscription to him.  I told him how proud I was of him, how big he's gotten, and all the hopes I have for his first year of school.  Then we kissed each other's hands, and readied ourselves for this next big adventure.

While I was helping Hunter get ready for school, I started picturing him through the years; my baby in all the stages of his life up to this point.  I did my best to hold it together for my little guy.  After feeding Hunter lunch, we walked outside and took some pictures.  

His idea was to pretend to ring the doorbell.  Whatever.  We just rolled with it.

I had to get the huge backpack shot.

After pictures at our house, we drove to Hunter's new school, and took a few more.  I could tell by Hunter's quiet demeanor that he was a little nervous, although he told me he was mostly excited.  When we were close to the school I heard a little voice from the backseat whisper, "I have bubbles in my tummy."  I swallowed hard and answered back, "Me too Bud!"

Once in the classroom Hunter found his name, hung up his backpack, found a seat, and got to work.  He sat next to another little boy, who has since become one of his good friends at school.  I took a few pictures of my little guy in the classroom, and tried my best to hold back the flood gates.  I think I went up to Hunter three or four times to pat his back, tell him goodbye, and whisper encouragements into his ear.  I probably would have stayed all day, but knew I had to leave sooner or later, so I gave Hunter one last goodbye, and forced myself out of the classroom.

I took this one last picture of Hunter hard at work through the doorway, and then finally turned and walked away.  It was then that the tears started rolling.  Another mom walking in the school with her kindergardener took one look at me and said, "Oh man!  Don't get me started, I'm going to be a hot mess!"  I'm pretty sure I looked like a hot mess on the drive home.  I called Jim and said something like, "I just dropped Hunter off!"  But Jim couldn't understand me.  He was all, "WHAT?!?!"  So I repeated myself and he said, "Ohhhh!  Hunter's first day."  I tried my best to describe the experience to Jim who was away on a business trip.  I told him, "My baby isn't a baby anymore!"  Jim was sweet, kind, and understanding, but I'm pretty sure he thought I was a little crazy also.  I just can't believe we're here already.  My baby is growing up, and that stings a bit.

 I was beyond excited to pick up the kids at the end of the school day, and find out how everything went.  Hunter said he loved his teacher, class, and school.  He drew this adorable picture on his first day, and it is now proudly hanging on the fridge.  I can't wait to see what else awaits us this year as both of my kids navigate their way through a new school year at a new school, and I figure out what to do with myself now that I have a few hours every weekday to myself.

I'm proud to say, I haven't cried since that day.  It's awesome that both of my kids love their new school.  It makes sending them off everyday pretty easy, but my favorite part of the day is when I get them back home.

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