Thursday, September 4, 2014

iPhone Photo Plop - Start of August

Here are some random photos from my iphone from the beginning of August; just after our move.

Tralee, Lexi, Brynli, and Hunter at Back-to-School night

Brynli and Hunter at Back-to-School night

One night at Adrienne's house we saw a baby lizard inside her house.  We caught it, and the kids had fun playing with it the rest of the night.

Tralee caught a little cold a few days after we moved here.  She spent the day napping while I unpacked.

Is there anything better than a kid in goggles?  I think not.

Tralee dared Hunter to wear her skirt out in public.  He gladly accepted the challenge.  We got some looks.  We giggled.

Hunter and I shopping together before school began for him.

I love that Hunter HAD to wear his pirate gear before watching a pirate movie.  Silly kid!

That's all for now.

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