Wednesday, April 9, 2014

St. Geezy

I shall title this post St. Geezy (cause that's what the cool kids are calling St. George now).

We went to St. Geezy for spring break a few weeks ago.  The entire trip was wonderful.  We dined, played, swam, and relaxed with some of our most beloved people in the world.

Also, we bought and ate an ostrich egg (pictures below).  The verdict of our adventurous mastications?  Ostrich eggs, scrambled up and served with rashers of bacon and buttered toast, can be disguised as ordinary chicken eggs to skeptical palates.  In other words, ostrich eggs are good.

Below are some pictures from our springy vacay:

Our first night we overnighted in Provo.  The kids favorite part of road trips?  Swimming in the hotel pool.

Jim and kids in pool

We stopped at a rest stop to relieve tiny bladders.  There was an old tree that was perfect for climbing.  So. . . climb it we did.

Jim and Tralee in climbing tree

This girl's endless sense of adventure never ceases to amaze me.  

Hunter spotted this map, and ran right over to gaze upon with his fellow travelers. 

Our first day in St. George was a brilliant 81 degrees.  Perfection!  We basked in the sun, and swam in the pool.

John took us along on one of his work trips.  On the drive we passed an ostrich farm, and happened upon the farmer.  We asked him if we could buy an egg, and $10 later, we were the proud owner of this beauty.  "I usually charge at least $15" Farmer Wade said.  We only had a tenner on us.  Lucky for us, he obliged, and we promised to make it up to him with continued purchases.

What's a trip to St. Geezy without rides at the Sand Dunes? 
Hunter loved the ride until we splashed through a puddle and mud streaked his face.  He got over it.

Doesn't he look all boy here?  I kinda like him.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, the Sand Dunes are the perfect place for a boy to be a boy.  This little guy peed in many a tree/bush, squished numerous ant hills, climbed upon rocks, and jumped across several crevices.  He left the dunes dirty, tired, and happy.
Aunt Cassi cut Tralee's hair while we were there.  Tralee has been asking for a short hair cut for a while.  I decided she was old enough to have a say in her hair styling.  It took me a few days to get used to it, but I'm kinda loving her new do.  Also, the day after she chopped her hair, she changed into an outfit and said, "Does this outfit go with my new hair cut?  No, no it doesn't!"  I asked her if we should put her hair in pigtails to see if it matched her haircut better.  Tralee replied, "Yes!" After pigtails were secure, Tralee checked her reflection once more, and announced, "This outfit goes better with pigtails!"  Phew!

We ate the ostrich egg on Saturday morning.  The men prepared it for both of our families.  We needed tools to crack it open.  In case you're wondering how many an ostrich egg feeds, there were four adults and five kids sharing it, and we still had left-overs.  However, it was served with various other breakfast dishes.  

The St. Geezy Jacobs family spends many a Saturday at "The Prop."  They have goats, horses, four wheelers, and rhinos to ride and rope.  Many of the grandchildren compete in rodeos too.  My kids thought the whole idea of The Prop was fantastic.  Tralee hopped right on Cody, the horse, and was in heaven.  It was also the first time Tralee rode a horse without help.  

Hunter was happy on top of the goats' hut.  I can't remember the goats' real names, but Hunter renamed them Sheena and Frenemy.  

Hunter and his lady friends on top of the goats' house.

My Utah bestie, striking a pose upon a horse.  I was super impressed with her prowess, so I had to take a picture.

Our little family with Cody.

Jim taking a bunch of kids for a ride on the Rhino

Can you tell which one is Lexi and which one is Tralee?  They're best cousins.

Another shot of our cowboy

Sadly, our time in St. Geezy had to come to an end.  Luckily, Tralee lost a tooth at a gas station on the way home and cheered us all up.  Also luckily, the tooth fairy managed to find Tralee's tooth at the hotel we stayed at in Salt Lake City.

Also, can I say how perfect our overnight in SLC was?  When morning came, the kids played peacefully together, and Jim and I slept in!  It was wonderful!  We eventually packed up, and found our way home.

The whole trip was grand.  I hope to go back very very soon!

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