Monday, April 28, 2014

Photo Plop

Just your standard photo plop below:

Morning pug snuggles

My spring decor.  I made the bunny thing.  The kids made the birds.

Hunter says to me one day, "I'm wearing shoes so spiders can't get me."  Good for you bud!  Shoes and undies are the perfect anti-spider uniform.

Hunter and I drew the solar system one day, including the dwarf planets.  I had to look up the dwarf planets online because I had no idea what they were.  Hunter knew. . .  is it bad that my four-year-old is smarter than me?

I looked into my side mirror and saw some little feet enjoying the fine weather

Play group shenanigans.  These boys were burning off some energy in the bouncy house.

Tralee and I had a date at the mall while Hunter was at a birthday party.  She looked so adorable in her little outfit she put together, that I had to take a picture.
The End

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