Monday, April 7, 2014

Photo Plop - 4/14

Hi There!  Feelin' angry about the lack of blog posts lately?  Well furrow your brow no more!  Below is another addition of iphone photo plop!  Because I'm behind on blogging, and feeling lazy, the pictures below are in no particular order.


Even Batman enjoys a leisurely bike ride from time to time

Tralee and Jovie at Jove's baptism

Singin' in the rain

Tonka trucks are great for haulin' rocks

Tralee as a mermaid

Tralee's mermaid. . . and my feet

Wishing he wouldn't grow up

Trip to Cabelas to play in their tents and pick up some astronaut ice cream

I asked Seri to make up a poem for me.  This was her response.  Awesome!

Tralee begged me one evening to go to the park.  When we got their, she sat in the grass, read her book, and wrote in her journal.

Nail painting party.  These were Hunter's toe nails.  He's quite the artist, and is currently taking appointments if you need some work done.

I looked out the side-view mirror and realized I had a puppy in my car, sticking its head out the window, and enjoying the nice weather.

Tralee on St. Paddy's day.  She's our Irish munchkin!

I found this while cleaning up one day.  Tralee has really been into playing spies lately.

Hunter at kindergarten registration

Tralee's school concert.  It was adorable!

Hunter and I went out for donuts one morning.

Jim's birthday present.  He LOVES Lego's almost as much as he loves Back to the Future.  It was a double win in the present department!

My heart soars every time I walk by her room at night, and see her nose in a book.

Hunter and I had a lunch date at Fudruckers a few weeks ago.  He won this thing in the claw game his first try.  Hooray! 

Lego time at the library after story hour

The kids set up a tea party. . . pants were optional.

The  Boise Jacobs cousins

I LOVE Tralee's outfits she puts together. . . especially on rainy days!

This is my new favorite drawing.

The End

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