Thursday, June 27, 2013

Canada June 2013: Days One and Two

Our first night in Canada we took our usual first-day outing to Rommrel's Lake (not sure that's spelled right. . . you'd think I'd know after 12 years of trips to Canada).  

We fished, explored, the kids picked me flowers, and we hung out together with our Canadian family.

Tralee doing her best Doug Mckenzie impression whilst picking me a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Check out Chief Mountain in the background. . . beauty, eh?

Giving me a nice smile

I think Hunter and I were doing something like, "Ooooooo!!  It's so pretty here!"

Two of my favorite Canadian sisters, Nikki and Cammi, posing for me.

Ross and Jim (way back in the background) trying to catch a shark at Rommrel's

Hunty's bouquet for me!  Love that squishy face!

On Sunday after church, we changed into some comfies, and drove into Waterton.  As many times as I've been to Waterton, it never gets old.  That place is so stinken' gorgeous!  This Sunday was also Father's Day, so we let the boys pick their activity of choice, and wouldn't you know it, they decided to go golfing.  Silly boys and their golfing addictions!  After eating a little lunch at Weiners of Waterton, and skipping a rock or two at the lake, the boys headed off for their adventure while the ladies (and Hunter) did a little window shopping and ice cream gettin' at Big Scoop.

Not sure what I'm doing here. . . but man it just looks RIGHT!

Our Father's Day picture

Ross, Jim and Chase golfing.  Chase is Cammi's hubby, Ross is my FIL, and Jim is all mine!!

Zayah and Hunty holding hands all cute-like while shopping.  Cousin love is the best!
 After Waterton, the kids cuddled up on Grandma Judy's lap for story hour while the rest of us did ultra cool things like play games and check status updates on our iphones.  We're hip like that.

 Our first few days in Canada were relaxing, beautiful, and fun. . . like always!

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