Tuesday, June 25, 2013

California Adventure Park

Waiting for Jim and Hunty to get out of the restroom

We woke up a little later on day three in California   The day before wore us a little ragged, so we slept in a bit, and then began our day with a yummy breakfast at our hotel.  After filling our tummies, we headed to California Adventure Park.  Since this park is a little newer, it was a first time for our whole family!  We began our day in the newest part of Disneyland: Cars Land.  I read that Disney put $200 million bucks into creating Cars Land.  I can tell you from seeing it first hand, every bit of that $200 mil were put to use.  It was AMAZING!  I really felt like I was in Radiator Springs, and seeing Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater driving down the street was unreal!  

We wanted to ride the newest ride, Radiator Racers, and thought maybe a Fast Pass would be the best bet, but because we got to the park a little after opening, the only fast pass available was for 9:30p.m., and we seriously doubted our kiddies would make it that long.  So, the wait was posted at 60 min.  We decided to just wait.  It was really the only long line we had to wait in our whole Disney trip, and I thought it was totally worth it!  The ride was SOOOOOO fun, and waiting in line was nice as well.  Disney always does a great job creating the right atmosphere during the wait.  There were a lot of things to read, look at, and discover along the way.  We also made friends with the family in front of us.  Wouldn't you know it, they were originally from Wisconsin too!   We talked about the Pack, the Brewers, and the changes around Mil-town.  I pretended like I knew all about the above mentioned teams (I don't, but it's a good thing my hubby is a sports fan so I didn't stand there with a blank look on my face), and we had a nice chat.  Their kids were around our kids' ages, so it worked out for all.  After we all stepped out of our cars at the end of the ride, our families looked at each other and said, "Totally worth the wait!!"  Like everything Disney does, it wasn't just a ride, but an experience for all the senses!

After Cars Land we headed out to explore a little more.  We caught a Phineas and Ferb dance party, Tralee danced and grooved along with them.  Hunty was just happy to watch.  We ate a yummy lunch of soup and salad served in sourdough bread bowls.  Then we headed to the pier.  

Besides meeting Aurora, Tralee's other request was to ride the "BIG BIG BIG roller coaster."  We knew she was tall enough, but we weren't quite sure if she would really follow through once in the park.  But, she did!  And so, while Jim and Hunty waited in line for the Ferris Wheel, Tralee and I waited to ride California Screamin.  The whole time in line Tralee was jumping, squealing, and getting more and more amped to ride a roller coaster "that makes you go upside down!"  I was thrilled as well, even more so when the lady in front of us told her it was her all time favorite roller coaster in the world, and she had been on a few in her day.  She said it's super smooth, and so much fun.  

Waiting in line to ride California Screamin'

The lady was right.  California Screamin' is SO FUN!  Tralee and I got to sit in the very last car, which in my opinion is the best, because you go a little faster and get whipped around a little more than the ones in the front.  When we stepped on, Tralee reached for the bar in front, and when it didn't come down she looked a little worried, then turned to me and asked with large worried eyes, "Does the back car not get one?"  I told her that the bars are behind us, and when she saw it, a look of relief came over her.  Once we were all strapped in (Tralee looked so tiny behind the shoulder bar), and we took off, we waited for our adventure to begin.  I soon realized that this coaster is like Rockin' Roller Coaster at Disney World that takes you from 0 to 60 in two seconds.  I saw the clock count down, "5. . . 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . .1" and then ZOOOOOOOOOOM we were off!  The coaster was very smooth, and filled with just the right amount of G-force, twists, turns, dives, and loopy-d-loops to make for a fantastic ride!

When Tralee and I got off, I asked, "Did you like it?"  Her response was, "Yes and no.  I didn't think it would be like THAT!"  Then I looked at her, and she had her hands over her mouth.  I asked, "Are you going to throw up?"  She responded, "No!  I'm just afraid I might SCREAM unless I keep my mouth covered."  I guess that big ride gave my daughter a serge of adrenaline!  I was a little sad that you couldn't see her whole face in the souvenir picture, but I can only imagine what was going through her little head!

After Tralee and I had our fun little adventure, we found Jim and Hunter in line at the Ferris Wheel.  It turns out they took a detour for some cotton candy, and a potty stop before getting in line.  So, Tralee and I were also able to ride the wheel with them.

We went on a few more rides around the pier area, then made our way to see the Disney Junior show.  The kids loved it.  Tralee danced, sang, and grooved right along with the puppets.  Hunter was again, just happy to watch.  Later one, we went around bugs land, watched the 3D show, ate some frozen treats, then decided what our next move should be.    

After checking the lines app on my phone, we decided to ride Soarin', which both kids LOVED!  We also had a fast pass for the Grizzly River Run ride, and found out our little dude wasn't quite tall enough.  So, while Tralee and Jim rode it, Hunty and I went for a potty run, and explored while we waited.  When Jim and Tralee found us, they were soaked.  Tralee decided she didn't want to ride again.  Bummer.  But, being the giant child that I am, I decided that I STILL wanted to ride, as I have never been on this ride before.  I went in the single rider line while Jim took the kids to the Explorer camp near by.

I got on a raft with a really fun group.  There were three teenage girls, a couple, and their guy friend.  All of us laughed, teased, and bet on which person would get the most soaked.  Turns out, I was the lucky one!  I swear, every time we went down a rapid, I was the one sitting in just the right spot for the wave to splash!  It was AWESOME!  After saying goodbye to my river raft friends, I found Jim and the kids climbing ropes, scaling mountains, and going down slides in the Adventure Camp area.

At this point, it was close to dinner time, and we were all draining in the energy department.  We decided to call it a day, and go eat some grub before returning to our hotel.  Most of the rides we wanted to ride, were ridden, and the ones that weren't, we had already experienced at Disney World, so all and all, we had a GREAT DAY!  

As we were leaving the park, we caught the end of a Pixar parade.  Super awesomesauceness!

Later that night at our hotel, after eating food, taking baths, and relaxing, we went out on our deck and watched the fireworks show together.  Jim and the kids stayed out there with pillows and blankets until both kiddies drifted into slumberland.  It was the perfect end to our little Disneyland adventure.   


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