Sunday, June 30, 2013

Canada June 2013: Day Three

When we're up in Southern Alberta Canada there are a handful of activities we pick from to fill our days with -- hiking, fishing, shooting, playing crib, and golfing are just a few.  Some days we spend our days doing several activities.  So many activities, pretty much the moment our heads hit the pillow, we're out!  Our third day in Canada was one of those days.

First Jim, Hunter, and Ross went fishing.  They caught some trout.  It was good.  

Three generations of fishmen!

Like father like son!

After fishing, Jim, the kids, and I went to Waterton and hiked Bear's Hump.  I've never hiked it before, so I kind of begged Jim to take me and the kids.  I loved it!  The kids loved it!  It was a great hike.  I told Jim we have to do it more often.  He said fine, as long as he can go fishing afterwards.  I said, "deal." 

Hunter on the hike
We stopped a lot to let the kids rest and explore, Tralee and I took this pick on one of our rests
Hunter and me resting
Jim and me mid-hike 
Doing a little kissing
Up they go

We made it to the top!

Jim almost fell and died, luckily Tralee was there to save him!  Phew!

I love this picture of Tralee.  She was so proud!
View from the top
Jim took this picture of me taking a picture
Tralee and me at the top!

After Waterton, Jim went and did some other activity while the kids and I hung out with Jim's sisters Cammi and Channing, and Cammi's daughter Zayah.  Around dinner time we went to Jim's childhood best friend's house and ate dinner with them.  Then Doug, Jim's friend, showed the kids how to catch baby fish in the stream that runs through his property (Jim and Doug did the same activity at kids), then Doug got his horse and we all went riding - even me!

Jim showing Hunty how to catch a fish
Tralee catching fish
Tralee and the horsey. . . she was SOOOO excited to go for a ride

Tralee and Zayah riding together
Hunter was NOT excited to ride the horse.  In fact, he was pretty much terrified the entire time he was forced to ride. 

Hunter couldn't wait to get down!
Tralee and Hunter checking out their catch
Jim going for a ride
Tralee and Doug riding in the hills
Tralee LOVED the horse!

After horseback riding, it was time for more fishing at Rommeril's.  We ended the night watching movies, and eating popcorn.

Day three in Canada was pretty great!

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Boom said...

No kidding! It's almost like being there seeing your pics and reading your blog!

Thanks! Love You! Mom