Friday, October 5, 2012

Projects -- YAY!

I finished a few projects lately.  All these pics are from my phone, if you follow me on Instagram or are a friend of mine on Facebook, some of these will be repeats.  Sorry about that.  I'm pretty excited about how some of my latest projects have turned out.

I finally printed up and put up the prints I made.  I also hung a butt-load of bats throughout my house for Halloween.  You'll see them through several more pictures.  The bat idea wasn't mine, I got it here.  I didn't use her template though, I made my own and had my Silhouette machine cut them out for me.  It was a major time saver!  

Red shelf is now hanging in the entryway.  This will be the new seasonal shelf.  My goal is to keep it updated and decorated with the seasons/holidays.  That way, at least that part of my house will decorated accordingly, and when people stop by they'll think I totally have my house together.  Wink.
Front door.  I still need to find a doormat.  Imagine this picture with a cute welcome mat of some sort.
I painted my green mirror black.  Can you see the print reflecting in the mirror?  I also made that and had it printed out.
I made a new frame for a piece of artwork I painted earlier this year.  Yes, I ACTUALLY made this frame!  Nail gun shootin' and everything!!
I saved the best project for last.  I saw a similar frame on Pinterest and wanted one for my very own, so I came up with these.  Jim helped cut them, I did the rest.  Actually, Jim helped with some of the chevron stripes, but I got fed up with how long it was taking to measure the grid lines, so I ended up just eyeballing them towards the end.  I actually like the imperfect stripes better than the measured ones.  Since all of these frames were distressed, I liked the funky imperfect look better.  I actually love them all!
Another frame view.  I had glass cut for the frames from a local place around here.   It was totally affordable!  Love it!

That about sums it up.


Jim said...

You are unbelievably awesome! Love the look!


Jackie Rogers Hammond said...

This is amazing! You are so very talented!

Leslie said...

Thanks Mom and Jackie!!