Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fall Leaves

Our new place has some pretty landscaping around the grounds.  The kids love it.  They call the rock formations behind our place their secret hideout.  If they're not climbing around on the rocks, they're picking flowers, or (as of late) playing in the leaves.  I love the leaves.  I love the fall.  I love my kids.  All this love had to be captured in some photos.

Hunter ALWAYS  (always!!!) has a wicked hairdo happening in the back.  Even if I brush it, and slather some goop in it, by the end of the day the back hairs on his head are standing at a messy attention.  I call it his Russel Brand hair-do.  Not the newer more polished Russel Brand, the Russel Brand from a few years ago whose rat-nest hair in the back looked like a good hiding place for whatnots and whatchamacallits.  Hunter's hair-do likes to hide bits of fall leaves.  Crazy hair!   

 See what I mean?

Moving on. . . the lass below is my little artist/photographer.  Every time I whip out my camera, she wants to take over and snap some pics of her own.  I put one of her masterpieces in this blog post below.

These are MY masterpieces below:

 Corky is there too!!

The picture below is Tralee's.  Not too shabby!

The pictures below of Hunter just scream:  BOY!!!  He looks like such a little boy in them.  As I was snapping away, Hunter decided to throw leaves at me.  One landed on my shoulder and he thought it was the most hilarious thing in the world.

Tralee wanted to take pictures using my camera.  I wouldn't let her.  She was mad. . . .

 . . .But she got over it and threw more leaves in the air.

The weather has become a little more crisp lately.  I kinda love it, but the kids haven't been to their secret hideout as much lately.  When they do venture over, I make them bundle up with sweaters, jackets, hats, and mittens.  They like it, not-so-much.  If it were up to Tralee she would be playing barefoot in the rain wearing a sleeveless dress in near-freezing weather -- something she's done within the last week.  Once I discovered her crazy rain-dance antics, I made her come in and put on some weather appropriate clothes, much to her dismay.  A few days later, I'M the one that caught a cold!  Stinks is still as healthy as can be.  She's such a winter baby.  So much so, that she told me I can call her Snowflake if I want.

Snow for short.

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Boom said...

I Love the pink outfit on Tralee. It's beautiful! The other one , hmmmm, takes some imagination. Hunter has awesome hair. Make sure you tell him I said so.

Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

Love to all,
Grandma Char Char