Sunday, October 21, 2012

It's Gonna Be a Good Year!

My birthday was on a fun day this year -- 10/11/12.  I turned 31.  I'm almost positive this will be an amazing year.  Not only did I have a cool birthday, but I think all numbers that end in one are lucky.  Always have.  I read a few years ago that another culture -- I think it was Indian, but I could be wrong -- also believe numbers that end in one are lucky.  I'm pretty sure I must be part Indian (or whatever culture that was that I read about).

On 10/11/12 I woke up to Tralee handing me her gift.  She made me a necklace out of fall leaves, and tried her darnedest the night before to keep it a secret.  Sweet girl.  She asked me to help her tie the string she used for the necklace, but I had to tie it with my eyes closed so I couldn't see what it was.  I heard the leaves crinkling next to each other as my fingers made the knot.  I also helped her find some paper to wrap my gift in, but the rest was all Stinks.  She even drew pictures on the wrapping paper.  I loved it!  When I saw the perfect red leaves she chose, carefully placed on the string, my heart melted.  I told Tralee a few days before how much I love fall.  I love it!  I love the smells, colors, weather, tastes, sounds, everything about it!  We had a conversation about how pretty the fall leaves are, especially the bright red ones, and wouldn't you know it, I got a handmade necklace with the prettiest red leaves!  Thoughtful girl!  I wore it most of the day, and by the end all the leaves had fallen off.  Tralee told me each leaf that fell meant another one of my birthday wishes came true.

The second awesome part of my birthday included a bath.  I got out the bath salts and essential oils for this one.  My moment of solitude lasted a good five minutes or so before Hunty sniffed out the oils.  It took about 1.4 second flat for him to strip down and hop in the tub with me.  It wasn't quite as relaxing as having the tub to myself, but I didn't mind.  As far as bath company goes, he's a favorite.  Another few minutes after Hunty joined me, Tralee discovered us.  She wanted in too.  At this point, I decided to forfeit and let the kiddies take over the tub.

After bath time my friend and neighbor came over.  We packed some lunch, and took the kids to a nearby park.  Tralee didn't have school, so we got to spend the whole day together.  Both of my babies had a great time running around the park with their friends.

After picnicking and parking it up for a bit, we came home, baked a cake, and Tralee decorated it for me all by herself.  She picked out decorations earlier from the store, and I decided to let her have full control over the proceedings.  I, once again, wasn't aloud to look at her creation until I got the say-so.

My friend/neighbor took the follow pics of Tralee decorating and surprising me  with her cake creation.

The cake turned out beautifully, and not only that, but my friend Janessa, also brought me over a cake.  Two cakes on one birthday!  It can't get any better than that!  Also, did you know that calories don't count on your birthday?  I had no problem eating a slice (or two) of each cake.  They were both yummy!

Later on that night Tralee and I made some veggie soup and rolls.  Both were delish. 

So, to sum it up, my day was exactly wonderful!  The only thing that could have made it perfect-o would be Jim's presence.  He was away on business, but I still spent my day with my favorite littles, I talked to family and friends, I blew out candles on--not one, but two--cakes, and it all ended snuggling on the couch with my favorite peeps.  The only thing missing was my hubster.  I know we'll catch up on celebrating when he makes it home.

So. . . . 31 

It's going to be an amazing year!!


The Kelly Variety said...

happy Late birthday!

Boom said...

Wow!!!! Look at you!!! Love it all!