Sunday, September 2, 2012

Little Horse

On our way home from Wisconsin, Tralee lost her little stuffed animal horse named, Little Horse at the Denver airport.  So, she wrote the airport a letter, put it in an envelope with a picture she drew of herself and Little Horse, and we put in in our mailbox.  A few days later, wouldn't you know it, she had a package in the mail from the airport.

She was VERY happy to have Little Horse back, although she said she looked a little different.  Apparently all the traveling must have stressed Little Horse out a bit, because she came back with a white patch on her fur that wasn't there before.  It couldn't possibly be because "someone" ordered a replacement Little Horse off of Ebay, and didn't realize the new one wasn't the EXACT replica of the original.  No, it was the stress of traveling that left Little Horse looking a bit different, that's it!  (oops.)


Necha said...

Oh my goodness! How darling. I really did believe that the Denver Airport wrote that letter and I was about to nominate them for some kind of customer service award. I should have known only you could be that sweet and creative!

Boom said...

I wish you could have included Tralee's picture and letter in this story. The story is very special!

Love Mom

Debi said...

What a darling reply to Tralee's letter. I hope you keep a copy of both letters. Such a great example of human kindness.