Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Flowers. . . Oh My!

Last Thursday, as I was waiting with the other moms to pick Tralee up from school, a mother turned to me and said, "You're Tralee's mom, right?"

"Yes. . . "

"My son gave her flowers today."


She went on to explain that her son had been talking about Tralee at home a lot, and how nice she is.  I guess he came home one day and said he HAD to bring her flowers.  He was adamant.  So, his mother took him to a flower shop and he picked out a little bouquet for Tralee, and presented them to her at the start of the day.

"WHAT?!?!  Oh.  My.  Gosh.  That's hilarious!"  Are the words that I said.  My brain still didn't really know how to process this information.

The mom then showed me the pictures she took of the event, and I promptly said, "I'm gonna need some copies of those!"  I was also upset that this was the first day I decided to drop Tralee off, and leave instead of waiting until the bell rang.  I missed the flower-giving.  My goodness!

Look at that face!  It cracks me up!
When Tralee came home I asked her all about the flowers and her new friend.  When I asked if she was surprised that he gave her flowers she said, "No.  He told me he was going to."  Oh, really?!  She also said on the walk home, "Daddy is going to be SO jealous!"  I laughed at that one!  

This whole thing has thrown me for a loop.  I mean, 1.  They're freakin' kindergartners and it was the first week of school!  2.  Tralee never mentioned this boy before.  3. Everyday she came home from school she said, "I only played with the girls today, and not the boys."

Then she recieved flowers and EVERYTHING CHANGED!!!  I'm now finding pieces of paper with his name written on it surrounded by hearts.  I'm officially worried!  

The night after Tralee received her first flowers from a non-family member, she was ADAMANT that she had to give her lil' Casanova a thank you card and a car.  We took her to the store, where she searched for the perfect car in a selection of Hot Wheels.  She found a black race car and deemed it worthy.  I also helped her pick out a thank you card, and write a nice little note inside.  We wrapped the car together, and afterwards Tralee said, "Mom, it needs a bow!"  I put on a blue bow and asked if it looked okay.  She said, "Actually, I thought red would be better, but I guess that's fine."  Oh goodness.

This whole thing as been so funny to me.  Funny, cute, and a little worrisome.  We've now had talks with Tralee about how we just love/like everyone at school as friends.  When she says things like, "I'm going to marry him" we tell her she has a LOOOOONG way to go before she needs to think of things like that, and for now, let's just all be friends!

Honestly, this will probably all blow over as quickly as it began.  Then again. . . my first crush started in kindergarten as well and lasted until sixth grade.  YIKES! 

We're just taking this situation one day at a time.  And I do have to say, I am glad that Tralee is making friends.  Friends. . . and nothing more!!

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Krista Hegstrom said...

That's funny! I'm glad it isn't me that has to deal with this situation yet though! Is Jim cleaning his rifle? :)