Saturday, September 15, 2012

Grandma, Wedding, and Bears - Oh My!

My mom A.K.A Grammy Char Char flew in for a visit last week.  We had a cousin's wedding to attend, and Grammy had some grand kids to squeeze.

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The wedding was all over Idaho.  We drove to Rexburg to witness the nuptials, had a wedding luncheon in Idaho Falls, and a reception in Burley.

Walking from our hotel to visit Aunts/cousins in another hotel.  It was spooky. 

Tralee and Grammy Char Char wanted a picture in front of a giant waterfall. 
We had several hours to kill before the reception, so we ventured on over to Bear World.  If you're ever in Rexburg with small kids GO HERE!!  You won't be disappointed!

This is Tralee's fancy camera work.  There were bears all over the place here!  They don't call it Bear World world for nothing!

There's a petting zoo and amusement rides at Bear World.  The kids can ride the rides as many times as they want.  The lines weren't long at all, if there even were lines!  You can also drive through the animal viewing loop (think Jurassic park minus the dinosaurs and add bears, wolves, deer, and elk) as many times as you want as well.  SCORE!

This is Tralee's "everything is great mom!" look.

Tell me that isn't a happy lil' face!

These little beauts kept fighting over who got to sit on the pole.  

After Bear World we drove to Burley.  The kiddies slept the WHOLE way there!  We wore them right out at Bear World.

Before the reception we found an awesome park in Burley for the wee ones to play at.  This playground was AWESOME!  My kids had a blast!

 Overall we had a fun weekend with Grammy Char Char and other family members.  As all good things do, our little Idaho vacation ended way too fast. 

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