Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Up North Day Two

Our second day up north was filled with a plethora of fun things.  The guys went golfing, the ladies shopping.  We also worked on a craft, rested, read, played outside, and Grandma took us to Big Rock.  Big Rock was pretty cool.  It was a fun little swimming area at a spot on the Red River that was covered with rock -- hence the name Big Rock.  

Grammy Char Char and Grandpa Stoehr outside with Rudy the dog.  Not a bad back yard, huh?

Father-daughter bonding

Hammock pics

Grandpa's sidekick

The kids at Big Rock

The rock formation had lots of little crevices with water running through it.  It made a nice place for Hunter to dip his feet.

Hunter collected a lot of mussel shells.  He wouldn't set them down.  Believe it or not, all of Hunty's treasures made it home.  We have shells, pine cones, and acorns now.

I love this picture of all the cousins.  They're almost ALL looking at the same time!

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