Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nights Up North

Every evening up north, we lit a fire, made s'mores (or just ate the marshmallows and chocolate straight out of their packages), hung out, blew bubbles, and chatted.  It was nice being together as a family.  On two of the evenings, sometime after midnight, the ones who were still awake went outside to check out the meteor shower.  I think everyone saw at least one meteor flash across the sky.  Even if you didn't witness a meteor, just being out in the country at night, looking towards the heavens was majestic.  The stars seemed so close, yet at the same time it was amazing how vast the sky was.  I loved the night I laid my head against Jim as he wrapped his arms around me.  We waited together to make a wish on a falling star.  Grandma joined us, as did a few others.  We all chatted, yelled with excitement when we saw a meteor, and sometimes just stood in the darkness as the stars twinkled above.  It was magical.  
Tralee trying to steal Uncle Dave's s'more.

Grandma spending time with my wee ones.  I'm so glad they were able to spend time with her.  There's something magical about this lady.

She was singing a song about a polliwog.  It was cute!  Video below:

Grammy Char Char was on fire duty


What's a bonfire without bubbles?

Ring around. . . 

Practicing some gymnastics

She's a perfect 10 in my book!

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