Sunday, December 20, 2009

Thanksgiving in St. George

We celebrated Thanksgiving in St. George with some of Jim's family. The trip was quite the experience. The thought of documenting everything that happened is a little overwhelming, not to mention trying to pick my favorite photos from the hundreds that were taken. So, I'm just going to touch on the highlights of our trip.

The highlights are:

- Picking our niece, Cassi, up from school. We all went, dog included. As soon as we saw Cassi we started screaming, "Cassi! Cassi! Hi!" As soon as she saw us she smacked her head in embarrassment. Her face was bright red, but you could tell she loved the attention! It was awesome.

- Being with family. All eleven nieces and nephews were in the same place at the same time. That's the first time that's happened! Tralee had the best time running around with her cousins.

- Hearing funny stories about Jim, and the rest of the Jacobs kids while sitting around the table

- All the yummy food -- need I say more.

- Going to the spinning park. So fun!

- Playing kick-the-can and soccer out on the golf course at night

- Lip syncing night.

-Decorating Cookies

-Going to Mesquite for crablegs

- Decorating Adrienne's Christmas tree while listening to Christmas music

- Watching everyone mug on Hunter. He's just one of those babies you gotta squeeze.

- Going out for Frozen Yogurt

- Tralee going to her FIRST REAL movie. We've taken her before when she was a baby, but she just tagged along with us 'rents. Jim actually took her to a kids movie with his nieces Tandra and Cassi. She loved it, and then fell asleep.

- Seeing my friend Lauren. Her parents just built a home in St. George and she flew out from Wisconsin to be there for Thanksgiving. We couldn't pass up the opportunity to get together while we were both in town. We had a lot of fun talking late into the night on Saturday.

-Tralee's first haircut. Aunt Cassi cut it. Thanks Aunt Cassi! I still need to get the pictures from that. They're on Adrienne's camera. Jim had ours with him, so I used the first camera I saw to document the cut. Once I get the photos, I'll post them.

Our little family had a lot of fun.

Now for the REST of the pictures:

Cousins Cassi, Katie, and Tandra

I like Hunter's little pose on this horse. His little heine is pushed out.

Tralee loved this little horse as well. Always petting and "feeding" it.

We call Tralee and Colleen "the twins." They look similar, and are only a few months apart in age.
Henry and Hunter -- The oldest and youngest of the cousins

Tandy and Hunter

Jim and Kelly

Cassi, Katie, and Hunter

Uncle Dan taking the twins on a walk

Henry and Tandra, the oldest cousins

I love the above picture. Hunter just pulled Colleen's hair! Haha! It starts already.

Jim and Cas

Keaton and his girlfriend (me). When Keaton was around four-years-old he told his mom that he had a girlfriend. When she asked who, he answered, "Aunt Leslie." Since then, whenever I see him I ask, "Am I still your girlfriend?" The answer this Thanksgiving was still, "Yup." I know someday the answer will change, but until then I'm happy about our little relationship.

The older cousins: Henry, Tandra, Cassi, Keaton, Katie

Aunt Adrienne and Hunter

Tralee, Brody, and Lexi rolling down the hill

It looks like Tralee is saying, "Don't take my picture!" She probably was.

Jim, Hunter, and Tralee -- in the middle of a jump.

The twins

Our sad attempt at a family shot

Tralee and Hunter . . . don't worry you won't be getting these as our Christmas cards. We tried.

Aunt Cassi and Hunter

Uncle John pretending to be 12-year-old Jim playing nintendo. Jim used to sit like this, and get mesmerized in whatever game he was playing. We have a picture of him around here looking just like this. Funny!

Katie and me

The little cousins (minus Kelly and Hunter) watching a movie. Brody, Tralee, Colleen, and Lexi

That's all folks. Stay tuned for Christmas in Canada!


Boom said...

Great job! Love all the pics! Thanks! Mom

Necha said...

Oh my goodness! Tralee is getting so big! I can't believe it! She is a little woman! My girls would LOVE to have her as a play mate!! :)

Joni said...

Great pics! Glad it was so much fun.

Croslands said...

Oh what fun! I enjoyed looking at all of those cute kids. You guys have your own little bunch going there. Must have been a blast.

Cammi said...

Way good pictures!!!