Sunday, December 6, 2009

Going...going. . .

. . . almost gone.

Our computer is on its last leg. When we got back from our Thanksgiving holiday in St. George it started acting weird. Odd pop-ups, things weren't running well, etc. Then two days ago it was full-blown attacked by some sort of horrid virus. It hardly works, and we keep getting annoying pop-ups every few seconds that say our computer has spyware, and we need to pay money to get it fixed. Turns out, those "helpful" pop ups are actually the virus. Good thing we weren't suckered in to actually pay the trojan beasts that are trying to hose us from somewhere in Russia.

Anywho. . . upon hearing about our peril, my folks came to the rescue. They're getting us a new computer for Christmas! My brother (a computer geek -- I say that in the most loving respect) helped pick it out from the Apple (or is it Mac?) store. He says it's a good one, and since he's the family's computer guy, I trust him. We're super excited!! We can't wait to get it!

Thanks Mom and Dad, you're the coolest! Thanks for your help too big bro!

As soon as we get the new computer all set up and acclimated to it (I'm not used to Macs, but hear you never go back to PCs once you've owned a Mac) I'll have a lot of blog catching up to do.

Until then. . . Happy Holidays!!


Tim, Jennie, Paisley and Moose said...

I husband Tim loves, loves his apple(mac) he would agree that once you try a mac then you will never go back to a PC and with a mac you won't have problems with viruses.
So excited for you guys

Cammi said...

Thats so exciting!! I love new computers!! We are getting one too, not a mac but a laop top!!! But I disagree, I LOVE PC (or what I call a 'regular' computer) Dad has a mac and I do not like it at all. But hopefully you will get used to it and you will love it!!! YAY!

Mary Ann Carlile said...

Hey Jacobs! Long time, no see! I am excited for your new computer - we went MAC last Christmas, and have loved it ever since! Can't wait to see more pics of your little lovelies!