Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Prayer Time

When we pray as a family, this is usually how it goes down:

Mommy or Daddy: Tralee, it's time to pray.

Tralee folds her arms and starts saying a prayer

Tralee: "Heavenly Father (or how Tralee says it, Heeny Hoho), tank a day. Mommy. Daddy. Baby. Goggy. Amen"

Tralee's prayers vary. For instance, yesterday before we prayed Tralee stubbed her toe, and Daddy kissed it better. This is what Tralee's prayer sounded like yesterday:

Tralee: "Heavenly Father, tank a day. Got an owie, Daddy tiss it beh-ha. Amen."

Jim and I were cracking it up.

Sometimes Tralee's prayers are understandable, and sometimes she says things we can't make out. After she's done praying she points to one of us and says "Mommy's turn," or "Daddy's turn."

Whoever's turn it is says the prayer for the day. Sometimes Tralee will point at Corky and say "Doggy's turn." Sometimes it's even "Baby's turn." When it's our canine friend's turn, or Hunter's turn Jim and I step in and say the prayer for them in their voice. Woofing for Corky, and talking like a baby for Hunter. Before all is said and done, every member of our family says a prayer for the day. Eventually we'll teach Tralee that just one prayer needs to be said at each occasion, but for now we don't mind each taking a turn.


Boom said...

Love it! She is so precious! You all are! I'm so grateful you are all part of my eternal family!

Audie said...


Necha said...

Too cute. I love listening to my kids pray. It makes me feel like a good mommy! :)

Joni said...

Oh what a cute little cutie that Tralee is!