Thursday, November 8, 2007

More Dancing and Bob Barker Advice

Tralee's dancing right now. She always dances when I don't have the camera or video camera out, but as soon as I pull either one out she stops dancing. Why is that? Anyways, last night she was dancing like crazy, and as soon as I pulled the camera out she just stared at me. I did manage to get her dancing for a second though. It's pretty cute.

I checked three times last night to see if the cat was back in our flowerbed, but it never showed up. I'm resolved to thinking it walked right up to someone who was looking for a cat, and now it's in a happy home. If I think of the alternative I feel sad. Tralee and I walked through the kennels of available dogs to adopt yesterday. I couldn't bring myself to look any of them in the eye. Some of them seemed so desperate for love and attention. Many of them were mutts, one of them was a gorgeous St. Bernard, and there were some little puppies laying on blankets shaking. It made me really sad. I think if I made eye contact and saw the desperation in their eyes I would have left sobbing. I wish there was something I could do to help. I wish more people were responsible with their animals, and would get them spayed/neutered. It doesn't cost that much money. I also wish that when people buy pets they realize it's a life-long addition to their family, not something they can have fun with until they get bored, and then drop them off at the pound when they're done with them.

A lot of people around here go out to the country areas and drop off pets they don't want anymore. When I lived with Jim's Mom we found a beautiful dog -- like lady from Lady and the Tramp -- running around. It's hair was all matted, and you could see its ribs. It was scarred, and hungry. So we fed it some of Corky's food, gave it some water, and called animal control. I hope that dog is in a happy home now. But seriously, do as Bob Barker says and have your dogs and cats spayed and neutered!!!

Jim ripped out all the old carpet in our house on Chicken Dinner Road. So, now I have to pick out paint colors. We won't do anything that costs money until our house in Utah is sold. Jim talked to he people renting from us, and they're getting it appraised today or tomorrow, after that they'll take the next step to buy it. We're hoping by the end of the month it will be sold. Cross your fingers!

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