Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Cat's Back

The cat didn't make it back last night. But, I left my old sweatshirt out, just in case. Tonight when I was letting Corky out, I thought I'd check on the cat situation again, and sure it enough, there was a ball of orange and white fur curled up on my sweatshirt.

Jim thinks I'm ridiculous and that if I ignore the cat it will just go away, but I couldn't help laying out an old towel too, just for some extra protection from the cold air. I also put a dish of water out for it, and fed it some tuna. I was debating whether or not to give it food, but it kept meowing at me and pushing my hands with its head, like it was trying to tell me something. I felt better when the cat gobbled down some more tuna like it was starving. I feel bad leaving it out in the cold, but I really don't want to get attached, and I really don't want a pet cat. I just want to help it a bit. I have a good feeling that it can survive outside since it seemed to hate being stuck in our garage, and the sweatshirt and towel will help it a bit. Also, it's against our house, so it's blocked from the wind. Plus, the cat only shows up around eight at night. The rest of the day it's MIA, so if I can help it at night, why not?

Yeah, maybe it's a bit of a nuisance, and something else for me to worry about. However, maybe there's a reason this cat picked our flowerbed. Jim thinks I'm crazy, and that it's just a stray cat. Maybe he's right, but what harm is there in giving a stray a bit of comfort?

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