Monday, November 19, 2007

Dreams and the Weekend Report

Lately Jim and I have been having the same dreams. Weird! We both dreamed that we saw skydivers jumping, only their parachutes were all tangled, and they were crashing to the ground. Then the next night we both dreamed about Jim's business and it was almost the exact same dream. How weird is that?

This weekend was normal. Friday night was bowling league night. We did alright. We were up against a REALLY difficult team. Their league shirts were all matchy-matching, they had bowling gloves on, serious bowling balls, matching bowling shoes, and they bowled really well! We managed to beat them once, out of three games. They said to us after the games, "You guys really made us work!" Well, not me so much, I'm lucky if I break 100. I think they meant Jim and Billy. We'll have a new member of our bowling team next week. We met him. His name is Greg and he's from California. Greg seems like he'll fit right in in the Idaho bowling league circuit. Let's just say when we met him, he had one too many, and was really loud and really outgoing. To say the least, he was amusing. I think we're the only people who don't drink on bowling league night. It's pretty funny to watch the people around us.

Jim had to work on Saturday. He came home around noon and napped for a bit. Then Jim, Tralee, and I all went to Costco to walk around and sample food. We had fun showing Tralee some GIANT stuffed animals, and looking at things we wish we could buy. We also walked around The World Marketplace, that was fun. We managed to not buy anything except for a smoothie from Costco. We're saving our money for when we go to St. George over Thanksgiving.

Jim had two meetings for Church on Sunday morning so Tralee and I got ready for Church, and then Jim came home and picked us up so we could all go together. Church was nice. It's just a weird time to go with a baby. Usually Tralee naps during our block at church, and she really shows no interest in napping while at church. There's too much going on around her, and by the end she's really frustrated with just sitting in our laps. So, for the last part of Relief Society I took her out in the hall and let her crawl around with some other babies.

That's all that's happening in our life. Not too much to report. We're flying to St. George, UT on Wednesday. I'm so excited to see Jim's family there! Yippee!

The only new photos I took were of Tralee climbing. The girl loves to climb up and over anything! Lately she's been pushing her little piano up to her playpen and climbing up on it, trying to figure out how to get into her playpen. Tralee also likes to climb on us, if we're laying on the ground. If our legs are in her way, she's climb up them, and then nose-dive back to the ground. If there's a pillow on the ground, she'll climb over that rather than crawl around it. It's pretty funny to watch.

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