Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oh the Wonder that is Channing

So, my sister-in-law was bugging me about blogging, so I thought I would do a special post just for her. What can I say about my dear lovely Channing? Let's start with the fact that she's the kind of person that makes you laugh without even trying. I find myself laughing when I just think about Channing.

She's GREAT to take along when you want pictures taken. Jim and I were trying to get some family shots up in Canada, and we brought Channing along. She was being so funny and clever Jim and I both had huge smiles on our faces in every picture she took.

Jim has some pretty hilarious memories about Chan-Chan. For instance, when she was little Jim used to tease her merely for the fact that when Channing had had enough she would say things like"frim-a-dim-dim" and call Jim a name she would make up right then and there on the spot. Each name was unique, and hilariously an original Channing.

Another reason we love Channing includes the fact that EVERY time we take her anywhere near the Belly River she gets hurt. And every time she gets hurt we have to give her a nick-name. Her first nick-name was Channing Wounded-Knee. This was because when she floated the river her knee knocked into a rock and the rock apparently "shattered her knee." Since then her name is Wounded-Knee. Last summer while at the river she managed to actually fracture a bone in her leg when her foot became stuck between two rocks and she fell. Now she's Channing Shattered-Leg. Poor Channing!

We also love Channing because she has a contagious energy around her. You can't help but get excited and do and say crazy things around Channing. She's hilarious.

What is equally hilarious is the nick-name Jim gave Chan-Chan back in the day. Jim met Channing when she was just a little girl right around the time Ross and Judy got married. Jim instantly started calling her Hacksaw Jim Duggan -- Hacksaw for short. So don't get confused if you ever hear Jim say something like, "Hey Hacksaw, HOOOOOOOOOO!"

Channing has also made me laugh harder than any other person when she told the infamous "inner tube story" I won't repeat it, but if you get the chance, you need to ask her about it. However, you might have to be a member of the Fat Girl's Club before she'll tell you. That night on the porch where I was introduced to the Fat Girl's Club was one of the funniest nights of my life!!! Nothing can top that, or the stories that were shared.

What else can I say about the wonder that is Channing? She's a funny, outrageous, caring person that I just love.

We love you Hacksaw!!! You're irreplaceable!


Channing said...

Oh my gosh, that made my day nothing in this whole wide world has ever made me laugh and smile and cry all at the same time. I checked your blog at every hour today and low and behold i check it at 2pm and there it was.Leslie you seriously have talent. The way you explained everything was to the TEE. I have no words to say except you are one in a million and no one in this world has ever touched Jims life like you have. You two are so ment to be with each other. I just want you to know that i love you alot and you are amazing. You are a dang great mom and wife. And most of all leslie your my sister.

I love ya corky razorback

Boom said...

I want to meet Channing and laugh! Where does she hang out? Can I meet her next time I'm in town?