Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad

They Met
They fell in love
and they got married.
Through the years they've danced Smiledwelcomed three beautiful children into the world vacationed together married off their children and
welcomed grandchildren shared laughter and tearsand through it all they have remained best friends

Happy 32nd Anniversary Mom and Dad and many more to come!


Boom said...

Thanks Leslie. Wonderful chronology! We love you!

Mom & Dad

Jim said...


Thanks for thinking of us.

Your appreciation is refreshing.

You are my favorite daughter.


Necha said...

Woah! Your parents are hot! No wonder why you look the way you do! ;)

Hannah S said...

What a nice tribute! Thanks for scanning those in! I showed them to Steve while we're here in CO and it was fun for him to see them. Thanks for sharing!