Wednesday, July 9, 2008

More from Ohio

These photos are from the fourth of July. Jim got the kids some sparklers, poppers, and glow sticks. We had a little party in my parent's back yard the night of the fourth. Before that Grandma Charlene and I ran around on the golf course with Tralee. Jim and the bigger kids went off to hunt for golf balls golfers lost. Brady really got into it. Jim said he would be on his hands and knees in the tall grass trying to find them.

Here's Tralee, obviously ready to PARTY!!

Tralee giving Grammy Char Char a kissy

Jim trying to spell "Jim" with a sparkler.

Jim making a heart for me. How sweet.

Before I forget. Another popular after dusk past time for my husband was catching fireflys. I guess there weren't any fireflys in Canada where he grew up. They mesmerize him. Everytime we visit Ohio or Wisconsin in the summer Jim has to find a jar, and skip away like a kid trying to catch these magical bugs. Haylee and Brady had just as much fun capturing them as my hubby did.


Meagan said...

I remember you teaching us how to catch fireflies when we were little and came to visit. It is a very exciting thing. Mom says they used to smash the bugs on their arms so that they would glow. Gross.

Audie said...

Tell Jim he needs to work on his sparkler spelling. Tell him he sucks at golf too.

Audie said...

P.S. That last comment was from Jared not Audie.

Necha said...

About the fireflies-heck yeah! I would be out there catching them too! I have never even seen one! Do they look like scary gross bugs, or do they look more like tinkerbell?