Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hockey Gear is Made for Wearin'

While I was folding laundry the other day, Tralee took interest in her Daddy's hockey gear. I washed a whole bunch of hockey stuff, because it smelled like sweaty man. Jim probably won't even notice the difference next time he puts it on, but I'll sure feel better about it. Anyways, while the hockey gear was sitting in the laundry basket Tralee discovered the gloves, and put them on all by herself.

I decided to put the knee pads on her as well. So this is what she looked like.

She was pretty proud of her new outfit.

To finish the look we fashioned Tralee with a hat (okay, I know it's not a hat, but it looked cuter than if I put it on her leg.)
So there we go, once again I'm reminded how much Tralee takes after her Daddy. First it was a basketball and golf ball Tralee was obsessed with, now it's hockey stuff. I have a feeling I'm in for quite a ride with this little munchkin!
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Audie said...

The last picture is my favorite. Jared is really pushing for Jovie to play hockey. Jim doesn't even have to try. Tralee gets into the gear voluntarily! Jared's going to be jealous.

Andrea said...

Tralee is too cute! Thanks for your comment on my blog. You are wonderful, Leslie! I wasn't sure I should mention vacations with your husband! It is too funny - good ol' Jim and Brandon. What is Brandon up to these days?