Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Superbowl Sunday

Baking these football cookies with the kids was about the most football-ish activity we did all day (besides watching about five minutes of the actual game).

My Superbowl Sunday was pretty eventful!  I got a phone call early in morning from a friend/family member from Jim's side of the family letting me know her water broke.  I volunteered to be her go-to girl for when she went into labor, so I packed up my kids, some things I might need during the day, and  headed over to her house to spend the day with her daughters.  My kids thought this was the best thing EVER.  An ALL DAY PLAYDATE!  Score!

I spent Superbowl Sunday baking football shaped cookies with four little helpers, watching kids' shows, going for a walk (it was BEAUTIFUL outside), playing at a park, making an, "It's a Boy" banner with my helpers (glitter glue and kids ranging from ages 8 to 2 gets a little tricky), and playing hide-and-go-seek inside until it was bedtime.  Oh yeah, at one point I did turn on the Superbowl so I could at least say I watched (sorta).  When I tuned in it was close to half-time and the score was 15 to 17 (not sure which team was up).  When I talked to Jim after I got all the kids asleep (he's in Arizona at the moment) he told me it was a great game and that the team he was cheering for won.  Go GIANTS!  I'm the kinda girl who usually just watches for the commercials and the halftime show, and I'm not sad that I missed it.  I had a pretty great day hanging out with four cute munchkins.  See for yourself:

The icing on the cake was a cute new baby was born early the next morning, and the girls I watched got a brand new baby brother!  That also means Hunter will have a new friend to play with soon -- a friend that's actually a BOY!  Hooray!


The Kelly Variety said...

cute cookies, cute kids, cute new baby... I guess I assuming on that last bit!

Sheila A. said...

First time here! I love your blog so much. You have beautiful children, Leslie. Thank you for your printables. I want to tell you how much I love the picture of your grandparents! It's a treasure for sure. I'm very into geneology, and I'm blessed to have two photo albums from my Nana -- wonderful photos of my grandparents and their friends and family and most treasured, of their twins. My mother was one of the twins! So I truly appreciate that photo of your beautiful grandparents!!

Leslie said...

Thanks for the kind words Sheila! You're awesome!