Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Kid Related Anecdotes

I looked over at Tralee in her Sunbeam class on Sunday. She was sitting on her teacher's lap, cuddled up to her, and I noticed that Tralee was blowing bubbles with her spit. It didn't look all that attractive, but I had to laugh a little cause I remember doing the exact same thing when I was about her age. I probably looked just as silly doing it as she did. Although, at the time I remember thinking what a neat trick I had figured out. After church I told Tralee I saw her blowing bubbles with her mouth. She kinda looked at my sheepishly and I continued to tell her that some people don't think that kind of thing is very polite, and we probably shouldn't do it at church. I gave that a minute to sink in to her little brain, and then confessed that I too was a spit bubble blower when I was about her age. When I said this Tralee's ears perked right up, and she looked at my mouth as if to say, "prove it!" So. . . I showed her how talented I was at spit bubble blowing. We sat for a minute comparing techniques. After a few moments I reminded Tralee once more that, "when we're at home it's okay to do this, but when we leave the house we swallow our spit." She agreed. Hopefully she'll keep her saliva talents home bound from now on.

Yesterday evening the kids and I were playing Wii Fit together. Tralee was on the board and Hunter stood next to her waiting for his turn. I didn't hear it, but I guess Tralee let one rip, cause I heard Hunter say, "Nice toot Tralee! Good one!" I asked Tralee if she had just tooted and she slyly answered, "Yes." I'm glad Hunter's so supportive of his big sister's triumphs. . . big and small.

Yesterday was the first day of summer. The kids and I spent a good portion of it outside. We had learning time out on the patio. We jumped on the tramp. When lunch time came around we had a picnic out back, followed up by popsicle. Both kids were a sticky icky mess after downing about two or three popsicle each, so I turned on the hose and let them play in the water. We sprayed down the tramp and jumped some more with it all wet. It was a perfect start to the summer!

That's all.

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Boom said...

What a way to start the summer. Wish I would have been there.

Love Mom