Sunday, June 5, 2011

Good Mommy Bad Mommy

Hunter shoved a bead up his nose this morning. This is not the first time he's felt the need to stick something up there. The first time he loaded his booger-blaster with the smallest Russian stacking doll of our set. To get it out, Jim closed Hunter's opposite nostril, and then blew into his mouth (as in CPR type blowing), and the little devushaka came soaring out. I like to imagine her flying through the air with the greatest of ease -- like she was bursting out of the cannon at the circus. It was her moment.

Today's nose moment didn't go quiet as smoothly. Hunter meandered up to me already whimpering, pointed to his nose, and said, "Nose! Stuck! Ow!" I looked up his shnozzola and sure enough, there was a little green bead. I attempted the CPR blowing trick to no avail. That little green (appropriate color, huh?) bugger was S.T.U.C.K. I also tried to blow into the opposite nostril, once hearing about how that worked. The bead didn't budge. I really didn't want to take a trip to the ER over something so silly, so I made one more attempt. My eyebrow tweezers came to the rescue. The only problem was getting Hunty to sit still long enough to let me operate. Luckily for me, he obliged after I explained what was gonna go down. Thankfully the bead came out in two tries with my tweezer (kinda like two shakes of a lambs tail) and we were bead free! I gave myself an A+ in motherhood for this feat.

Onto my next mommy moment. . .

Tralee has been peeing in her pants lately. She gets so busy playing that she doesn't want to take a moment and visit the little ladies room. The accidents happen the most when she's outside playing, or someplace that isn't familiar. I've told her (lots) that if we're somewhere new and she has to go to the bathroom, to ask me or whichever adult is around where the potty is, and we'll show her. She and I have had MANY talks about this issue. I've explained nicely, harshly, medically, and every other way I can think of why it's important to go to the bathroom as soon as you feel you have to go. Lots of happy fuss has been made when I see her using the bathroom, hoping the positive reinforcement will encourage her to use it more often instead of resorting to more accidents. But, the accidents continue. So, when she had another accident yesterday I was out of ideas. I told her the first thing that came to my head.

"Tralee, do you know what will happen if you keep peeing you pants?" I asked.

"No." She answered, looking at me with an inquisitive yet cautious look on her face.

"Well. . . You'll start pooping frogs."

Tralee's eyes grew big, tears welled in her eyes, and she ran into the bathroom screaming, "I don't want that to happen!!!!"

Not wanting to damage her for life (and feeling like a crummy mom), I went in after her and explained, "Mommy was just kidding. That won't happen. I just want you to use the potty like a big girl every time you have to go." A few sniffs and nose wipes later, Tralee calmed down and promised me she would use the potty as soon as she had to go. I apologized for lying and gave her a big hug with more reassurance that her bathroom experiences wouldn't go all sci-fi on her.

So, in summary, today I felt like a star mommy with the whole bead extraction, and then like a horrid mommy for generating so much fear in my daughter with my outrageous lie. Hopefully she's not scarred for life. I'm also hopeful that the accidents will stop (so far so good!).

Also, out of curiosity, has anyone else ever lied to their kids to get them to start/stop doing something. Or am I alone here?


Boom said...

That frog thing was too funny. Tears are streaming down my face I laughed so hard. I think I might have tried something similar with Aunt Lorie when I told her by eating the chickens rear end she would grow one on her head. She went bazerk. I repented though and told her it was a joke. Not sure you should have repented so soon with Tralee. Just kidding!

The Kelly Variety said...

I wish you would poop frogs if you peed your pants. . .that would be sure to solve the problem!
I hate it when I lie...usually it is like, "You won't get to go with us if. . ." knowing they'll get to go because I can't stay home. There is also an occasional extreme partial lie like "if you don't quit sucking your thumb, your teeth will stick straight out and I will call you Bucky." or "You could kill your brother by doing that, then how would you feel?" They could be true. . .right!??