Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Family Home Evening

We're not regular Family Home Evening-ers. This is something we're trying to remedy. What usually happens is one of us says, "Oh, it's Monday night. We need to do something for FHE." Then we scramble and try to do an activity together. Lately, we're striving to plan ahead and make sure we have a lesson and activity planned. Yesterday afternoon I was trying to think of something do to as a family that would engage a toddler's attention. I'm not good at coming up with things on my own, so I turned to the trusty internet for answers. I found a PERFECT FHE activity to do!

Our lesson was on Heavenly Father Blessed Us with Families. We sang "Happy Family," did a short lesson by showing a picture of Jesus with His mother Mary when He was a little boy. We explained just like Jesus, we have earthly parents and Heavenly Parents. We told Tralee Heavenly Father blessed her with parents who love her very much. Short. Sweet. And to the point.

After the lesson, the fun part began. Our activity was to do a family portrait -- but not your typical one. We busted out the finger paints, got some poster board, and the idea was that each family member would put their hand-print on the page using a different color. I knew ahead of time that the colors would all get blended together, so I didn't stress when most of our hand prints were covered up with two-year-old scribbles. The point was for us to be together as a family. After our "family portrait" was done, we got another piece of poster board and we all just went to town finger-painting whatever our little hearts desired. It was a blast!

Thank heavens for the internet! And. . . thank heavens for families!


Meagan said...

Such a cute idea! I love it. We need to start planning ahead a little bit more too.

Jim said...

Thanks for sharing.

Next Tralee will be staining Dad's cabinets


Necha said...

Yay! I should try to be more like you! We never have FHE. I tried, but my kids wouldn't listen, and just left to play with their toys! Plus Josh works until nine. I will try again now! You have inspired me!

Mary Ann Carlile said...

Great idea Leslie! We are not very good at FHE either...I think we need to move it to another night of the week so we can start having it!

Joni said...

What a fun idea! I wanna play!

MattJulieGavin said...

That's too cute! and a great idea that i just might have to steal! thanks!!! :)