Monday, November 24, 2008

Twilight Date Night

As I mentioned before, Audie and I had plans to see Twilight together for six months. When Friday came around I could hardly stand it! Jim made fun of me because he said I put actual effort into getting ready for my "date" with Audie.

Let's compare.

When Jim takes me out I usually just go in the clothes I've been in all day (my usual sweats or jeans and t-shirt with stains all over it from Tralee), my hair is up in a pony-tail, and we have our toddler totting around with us.

Preparation for date night with Audie to see Twilight included, doing my hair, actually wearing make-up, getting dressed up, actually wearing some jewelry (because Tralee wouldn't be along to rip it off), and actual butterflies in my stomach. I couldn't wait!

Here we are at the movie theater on our first "date" We tried to look normal in this picture

Here we are looking so EXCITED for the movie to start.

Jim and Jared wanted to hang out while their wives went on a date, so Jim and I went over to the Jacobs' house to hang out until Audie and I left to see Twilight. We brought some sushi with us (yes, I only ate the fish that was cooked all the way through) and shared it with the other Jacobs family. I don't think Audie ate anything due to nerves, while I snarfed up a few too many rolls due to nerves.

Then the time finally came! We could go watch our Edward and Bella! Audie and I were brave enough to leave our kids with "the boys" as we refer to our husbands when they're together. We were a bit worried our daughters wouldn't get to bed in a timely manner, but according to the boys our daughters went down for the night just fine.

This is where we sat -- in the VERY top right hand side of the theater. They were the only seats available, even though we got there 30 min. early!!

Now as for the movie. I LOVED it! No, it was not as good as the book (are movies EVER as good as the book?), yes there were some--dare I say--cheesy moments, and yes I would have changed a few things, BUT overall I really really enjoyed seeing how Twilight was made into a movie. Some of the things were exactly how I pictured them while I read it. I also really enjoyed the energy in the theater. I know some people might be easily annoyed by the screaming obnoxious teenagers, but I found it pretty amusing. When the movie started everyone started clapping/screaming/cheering. I laughed. When Edward first showed up on screen a few more cheers sounded throughout the theater. I laughed again, partly because I was just as excited as those that screamed, only I managed to maintain composer. At the end of the movie more cheers, applause, and laughter. Audie and I didn't want to leave. I think we stayed until the very last credit rolled on by. We didn't want the night to be over.

On the drive back to Audie's place we drove a little under the speed limit, like back in the old dating days when you didn't want the date to end, so you did everything to prolong it, even if that meant driving under the speed limit. We talked about the movie, remembered our favorite parts, picked at the parts we would have changed, and wondered what state we would find our husbands in when we got back. We were pretty sure one of our husbands would be sleeping, and the other would welcome us back with a fart. We were pretty right on, all though the only ones sleeping were our daughters.

Hooray for date night with Audie!

Hooray for our husbands watching the girls!

Hooray for Twilight and all things Edward Cullen!

Hooray that they're going to make New Moon into a movie!


It was a really nice weekend!

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Joey Clements said...

YAY!!! I feel the exact same way as you do about the movie! It was sooo much fun (a little cheesy, but still a blast)! Your pictures are cute! I love your hair- I meant to tell you on Sunday that it looked so cute!

Audie said...

I need to hit a tanning bed or something. I'm as pasty white as the cullens!!! I want to go see it again!!!!!!!!! If our schedules allow it, I would go before we leave for Thanksgiving! But if they don't allow it, then after is fine with me. But before would be better! I'm too excited. The nerves are back. Some people have seen the movie ricidulous amounts of time. I read a blog and she saw it 7 times! 7!!! We are slackers.

Boom said...

Leslie, I am so happy you had a good time. I don't exactly understand the glee over a vampire, but you were the same way with "The Titanic" until you found out your crush was a jerk. Fun memories!

Hannah S said...

How fun! I like how you call it a date. If only I got that excited about going out w/Tyler. OH, wait, we don't really go out.

Glad you liked it. I can't wait to see it.

Necha said...

I am so glad you had a good time! I went too and it was good! I know-I would have changed things too, but for the most part it was good!

Michelle Burk said...

What a fun night. Good for you for going on a girls night out. I've been thinking of you and Jim all day. Hope you're doing well. Love to all of you.

Joanna said...

You look so cute! I loved the movie too, but of course not as much as the books. Someday, we'll have to get everyone together for Twilight when it's out on DVD. What fun!