Thursday, November 13, 2008

Puppy Love

We've been pretty boring lately. Jim and I are fighting colds, the weather has been rainy (I love grey rainy days), and we've just been doing our daily routine. Nothing too terribly exciting. I probably won't post again until something note worthy happens. However, upon request of Tralee's grandmother, I thought I better put a recent picture of Tralee up.

Here she is with her doggy. Tralee loves this dog more than any other girl ever loved a dog. Her eyes light up when Corky walks into the room. When we say the word "doggy" Tralee has to search the entire house until she discovers where her beloved is. Corky is used as a pillow, playmate, and confidant. Whenever Tralee doesn't want to eat something, she'll just throw it on the ground and happily watch Corky snarff it right up. It's gotten to the point where Corky's not aloud in the kitchen while Tralee is eating, or Tralee would share he entire meal with her furry friend. I'm glad Corky tolerates all the attention from Tralee, because I know Corky would rather spend the entire day laying in the sun snoozing, than have a toddler follow her around. They're an odd couple, they are.
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Boom said...

Thanks Leslie! I loved the picture and the comments!

Tricia said...

Another beautiful picture of Tralee, I would plaster my walls with all the pretty 'black and whites' that you take Leslie. Darling!!

Necha said...

So Cute!!

JoAnn said...

Congrats, I hadn't heard you were expecting. That is great. Fun Blog!