Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just Curious

Who already has their tickets for Twilight?

Who has had plans for a "girl's night" to see Twilight since you heard about the movie?

Who is so excited to go see Edward (swoon) that you might just lose bladder control?

Who's husbands make fun of them for being obsessed with vampire stories?

Who is actually brave enough to take their husbands to see Twilight even though you're pretty sure you will be acting just as crazy/excited as the fifteen-year-old girls squealing three seats in front of you at the theater?

In case you're interested my answers to these questions are:

Yes my Twilight ticket has been purchased. I signed up for Fandango updates to I know exactly when Twilight tickets were available for purchase.

I've had plans to see the movie with my friend Audie for at least six months (correct me if I'm wrong Audie).

Yes, I'm excited to see Edward (yes, I realize it's just an actor, but tomorrow night let's just pretend Edward is real, not a fictional character in a book or an actor up on screen).

Yes, Jim CONSTANTLY makes fun of me for reading a series about vampires. He even occasionally tries to bite my neck, and after I yell at him he innocently replies, "What? I thought you would like it, since you love vampires!" He's such a dork! Ok. Ok. I'm a little dorky too.

And, NO Jim will not be attending Twilight with me. Firstly because I don't want him to ruin it for me with his snide remarks and guffaws at how cheesy he thinks it is, and secondly because I don't want him to see me transform into a teenager (even in my pregnant state) and drool as I watch Edward up on screen (again, I realize it's an actor, but for my sake, just pretend that Edward is real).


Joey Clements said...

Woot! My tickets have already been purchased, and I'm eagerly awaiting for 9:30 tomorrow night to arrive! I will be drooling over Edward too! My husband makes fun of me for reading it all the time too- there's no way I'd take him along to see it! I can't wait! When are you going?

Joni said...

Oh fun! I hope you girlies have fun!

Necha said...

How funny! I am just about to finish the third book and I am exceited to see the movie...but!! You will never guess what I did! I somehow conveinced Josh to read the first book before the movie came out and he finished it last week! YAY! So now I have a Twilight buddy to see the movie with! We are funny about it, He will come home from work and I will run to him and say "Oh Edward...I mean Josh!" I am glad he gets my jokes now! Tell Jim that Josh read it and maybe he will at least go!!! YAY! I can't wait! (But I have to wait to see it because Josh refuses to see movies in Evanstons run down theater.) Oh well!

Boom said...

I don't understand what the big deal is about a vampire book! You girls are too funny!

Croslands said...

Went and saw it last night. Loved it but didn't love all of the 15 year olds that were screaming the whole time. I will be excited to watch it again in the comfort of my own home. A lot of it seemed to be the way I had pictured it, which was a pleasant surprise.