Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What I did today . . . so far

Woke up

Visited the ladies room (for the third time since I went to bed last night. What can I say, I'm pregnant.)

Changed a diaper

Stole some of Jim's cereal for breakfast (he hates that since, "Jim doesn't share food!" Just like Joey from Friends. It makes it that much more fun to steal things off his plate!)

Laughed with Jim as Tralee did her "new" animal sound -- elephant!

Said family prayers and kissed Jim goodbye

Fed Tralee and myself

Went to bathroom

Bathed Tralee and self

Checked blogs and e-mails

Counted things with Tralee

Colored with Tralee

Played with blocks, I'm sure you know who with

Played Starfall, yup with my daughter

Watched "Elmo" a.k.a. Sesame Street in between bathroom breaks

Checked facebook, blogs, and e-mails again

Changed another diaper

Took dog and Tralee for walk

Fed Tralee and self lunch

Had to pee again

Called Jim

Picked up almost all of pantry Tralee tore down, except for three cans of pumpkin puree Tralee likes to stack, and a few starbursts I didn't even know were in there.

Forced self to do dishes (my LEAST favorite chore. . . EVER)

Opened up a starburst for Tralee to eat (she ate a good lunch, she was entitled)

Picked up toys all over floor

Watched as toys instantaneously spread across floor AGAIN

Read books to Tralee

Took one can of pumpkin puree away from Tralee to bake pumpkin chocolate chip cookies -- SO GOOD!

Ate too many pumpkin chocolate chip cookies

Watched Tralee pull the bowl of Halloween candy down from shelf and spread it out all over floor.

Counted candy on kitchen floor with Tralee for a good half hour. The girl loves to count!

Talked to Jim

Had to go to bathroom. . . again

Checked blog and e-mails. . . again

Mapquested where to vote

Changed another diaper

Voted with Tralee in tow -- HOORAY!

Was sad I didn't get an "I Voted" sticker. . . seriously, did they run out? I was really excited about the sticker.

Talked to Jim again

Peed again

Called and talked to Mom about voting and other things

Yelled at dog for stealing a starburst from Tralee and eating it

Wondered what to make for dinner

Wondered some more

Decided to stop wondering and blog about day while eating another pumpkin cookie and sipping on a glass of 1% milk.

It was a pretty good day so far. . . now, off to the ladies room!


Joni said...

If I was there I would've ate ALL your cookies. I am the "cookie monster" after all. I miss you terribly.

Hannah S said...

You're funny. Love the cookies....oh, yummo!

Does Tralee nap anymore? My day sounds like your except calling husband less often, playing w/kids less often and checking emails/blogs more often. I'm a bad mom.

Thanks for sharing. It's fun to know how other mothers really play out their days.

Jade and Dot Nielson said...

seriously, leslie, we have to meet! i just need to take your blog and paste it into mine because you say exactly the same things that are going through my head...okay, wait..i just read hannah's comment. i think i'm more like her - more blogs and email, less kid time...i have a lot to learn from you, mrs. jacobs! and, by the way, i don't share food either.

Boom said...

I wish I would have played more with you when you guys were little. How come I was such a clean freak! And nutrition freak! Interesting! I think you are wonderful! We did read together, didn't we? You loved to read.