Wednesday, May 25, 2016

New Kitchen Prints - Finally

Hello! Long time no see! I haven't been keeping up with the old blog since I discovered Instagram. I kind of miss it. Maybe it's time I start blogging a bit again. While I think it over, let me share some of my new kitchen prints with you. They're available over at my Etsy shop. While I'm talking about my Etsy shop, did you know I changed the name? It's now Happy Chickadee Design. Holy smokes, it's hard coming up with a new shop name. Everything I liked was already taken. I finally decided on Happy Chickadee Design. The Chickadee bird has significance in our family, and instead of just prints, I've been wanting to sell other items (someday) so I wanted a name to reflect all aspects of my work . . . not just the prints (although, that's all I'm still selling at the moment!)

Aaaaannnyhow, pictured below are some of the new kitchen prints I've been working on. They're all available at my Etsy shop now, or will be soon.

In case you're new, I sell digital art prints. That means you buy my designs, they're emailed to you right after purchase, and you get to print them out however you want to hang in your home. Some customers print them on card stock and then frame them, others have them printed on canvas, and a few put them on posterboard like material to hang up. I LOVE when customers share pictures with me of where my prints end up. It's so fun!

I'm thinking of selling my prints as groups again. I just need to mull it over and decide exactly how I want to do that. Until then check out a few of my new designs:

Have a happy day!

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