Thursday, January 22, 2009

Trouble Maker

What's this you ask?

It's a photo of my daughter utterly and completley tangled in an old-school tape she pulled apart.

I swear, you turn around for two seconds and disaster strikes.

Okay, so it wasn't a disaster. Luckily, we have an exact copy of that tape she pulled apart.

It turns out Jim listened to the Brite tapes too as a kid. So, we have a few from his youth, and the entire set of them from mine. I think we might just put in the "Obedience"tape for Tralee, since she didn't listen when mommy said, "No touch Tralee" as Tralee reached for this very tape two seconds before.

Seriously, all it took was a few seconds before it was too late to salvage the tape.


At least we have another set.

A set that is now placed too high for Tralee's sticky little fingers to find.

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The Nicolaysens said...

I love Bright music. I haven't read your blog in forever. You are really good at updating often. I would love to ice skate on Lake Lowell. I think I would be too chicken though. I think I like Chucky Cheese more than Katelyn. I bought a ton of tokens and she just watched the creepy things sing and dance. Ha. Let's get together. Kendra