Friday, January 23, 2009

First of all. . .

. . . how is it possible that only a year ago today this is what my baby looked like?

In one year Tralee's changed significantly. Her hair grew, she grew, she started talking, singing, walking, running, climbing, playing pretend, and impressing and entertaining her parents with her quirks. I can't believe she's two! I can't believe two years ago this is what we were looking at:

Now look at her!

How did this happen? I keep telling Tralee to stop growing up so fast, but she's not listening to me. She's officially two, and there's nothing I can do about it.

Happy second birthday you beautiful brown-eyed-girl!

More pictures soon to come. We celebrated her second birthday all week long. Stay tuned.


Joey Clements said...

Happy Birthday Tralee!!! I can't believe she's 2 already! They do grow up so fast, it's sad to think how quickly it all goes by.

Michelle Burk said...

Skinny Brinney sends birthday wishes to her closest cousin today. Wish you guys were next door so they could play everyday. Hope she has a great day!

Joni said...

Oh man! What a cutie pie. Happy Happy Birthday to Tralee. Love, Auntie Joni

P.S. Can we teach Tralee to call me Auntie, instead of just plain ol' Aunt. I like it better. :)

Hannah S said...

I always wondered when her birthday was. I kept trying to guess. I hadn't guessed that she was younger than Jocelyn! I always assumed she was older. Crazy!