Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Our BIG Girl

We took Tralee in for her second birthday check-up and immunization yesterday. She checked out just fine, and the doctor saw no problems with her development. I was amazed at how well Tralee behaved. The last few trips to the doctor's were awful. She screamed, kicked, and was scared of her doctor. This time, she sat SO patiently and let the doctor listen to her heart, look in her ears, nose, mouth, eyes, and when the doctor asked her to do something, she did it! I was so proud of her and I let her know it! She cried and fought the shot a little bit, but who can blame her for that? If it wouldn't be socially unacceptable, I would probably cry and fight with the nurse every time I had to get a shot too.

At her last appointment Tralee was in the 75% for for height and weight. At this appointment she was in the 97% for both! We have a big girl on our hands! I can't say I'm all that surprised, as people constantly think she's older than she is, due to her height. Tralee's a healthy 36 1/2 inches tall, and weighs 33 pounds. Her nursery teacher even thought she was older. Last Sunday she gave Tralee a little present for her birthday. The gift was for kids 3 and up, and she said, "I'm sorry, I thought she was turning three not two!" I told her it was quite alright, she's not the only one that thinks Tralee is older than she is.

The doctor also wanted to know how many words Tralee says, and I told him I thought about 50+, but she's been repeating things when we say them, so it's hard to say. There are probably more words than that, but I know she KNOWS 50+. Here are some of her latest words:

Apple = "Poh-Poh"
Cheese = "Teese"
Down = "Da"
Love = "Fuh"
Elmo = "Bo Bo"
Kitty = "Titty"
Doggy = "Geegee"
Grandma = "Mama"
Grammy Char Char = "Sha Sha"
Grandpa = "Papa"
Corky = "Kiki"
Here we go = "dedede go!"
Yellow = "Lolo"
Blue = "Boo"
Green = "Gee or Gwee"
Kiss = "Ssss"
Grandpa Jeff = "Eff"
Fish = "Fissy"
Fast = "Fah"
Slow = "Low"
Banana = "Ana"

She can say almost all of the letters in the alphabet and count to ten (most of the numbers I would have to tanslate for you).

Tralee has really been singing along to songs she knows and likes. It's so fun to hear, even if less than half of what she's singing is recognizable. When we sing "I am a Child of God" the first verse sounds like this:

"he he he he ah Gaa
an He ha he he heeeeea
ha e-in ee an er e hooome
hen he he ind an ear"

If you can't make that out, it's ok, we TOTALLY know what she's saying!

So, that's an update of our big two-year-old! I hope she embraces her height and feels lucky that she gets put on the top row every time there's a group picture in school. Cause, that's most likely what's going to happen. It happened with me, but I always hated it. I'm going to teach Tralee to love it. There are some perks to being up there:

1. You get to see what everyone else is doing and talking about below you. It's a great way to catch up on some school-yard gossip.
2. When you're older you're usually up there with a bunch of boys . . . the perfect time to work on some flirting action (but only when Tralee's 16+ will I mention this. . . Jim would say 30+, but by then all the group pictures are done)
3. Most of my short friends never got to be all the way to the top of the stand thing, and they thought it was cool to be up there. You can brag about being tall, and getting to the top every time!
4. You can say things like, "Yeah, I'm as tall as a super-model. It totally sucks to be constantly categorized with people like Cindy Crawford and Heidi Klum." (hehe)

So. . . I'm going to keep it positive! It's great to be tall! That's our story, and we're sticking to it!


Ms. JoAnn said...

So you know they say that you will be twice your 2 year old height when you grow up. That would mean she'll be just over 6' tall, wow!! She will definately be super model material!!

Boom said...

Hi! Cute Post!

Hannah S said...

I totally know what you mean about being tall. Plus you get mistaken for being older (when you really are only 14) so it's good as a teenager...but not for the worried parent :)

Jim said...

She's big enough to play, now Jim has to find a way to practice her vertical jump to get that college scholarship.