Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ice Skating

Last Saturday Jim and I invited the Jacobs family to come ice skating with us on Lake Lowell. Lake Lowell is only a few minutes away from where we live, and for weeks Jim has been itching to skate on it. Every time we drive by, he has to stop and go check out the ice.

We had a good time skating about (I watched and chatted with Audie), and Jim even made a sled out of scrap wood he could pull the little girls on. Jovie and Tralee loved it. Audie even went for a ride! A few days later Jim and I went back and he pulled me on his make-shift sled as well. It was fun, but I think two and three-year-olds love it the best.

Jim helped Tralee "skate" for the first time. I'm not too sure how she felt about it.

After the women and children had had enough, we came back to our place to hang out and get warm. The guys stayed behind and played hockey. Jared brought Jim his hockey goal a few weeks ago, and they put it to use on Saturday. Here are a few action shots of the guys.

Jim said he couldn't believe how many people stopped and watched them play hockey. It was a novelty to have anyone out on the ice. I reminded Jim that most people around here aren't from Canada, and probably don't think about ice skating on a lake too often.

Jim's hockey skills have been improving. Since he's started playing he's received a silver medal, and at one of his last games he even got a hat trick (three goals in one game)! What a stud! As long as he keeps coming home from his games with all of his teeth in place, I'm happy.

Jim has been practicing out on the ice with the hockey goal every so often. People still continue to pull over and watch him play. The other day some one asked, "Can I come out and play too!" Jim obliged and the guy was so excited to shoot a few pucks into the goal. Another time a kid came out and wanted to ride on the sled, Jim pulled him around too. It's been fun having a Canadian hubby around here! If he wasn't around, I think I would keep myself inside, sipping on hot coco and baking cookies. Now I actually brave the cold and find other things to do in these cold wintry months.

I'll leave you with a picture of a dead fish stuck in the ice. It didn't really fit in anywhere else in my post. Until next time. . .


Joey Clements said...

How fun!!! I love reading your blog, your family is always doing fun things! I'm glad your computer is fixed, it's good to see you blogging again! =)

Andrea said...

So fun! It's fun to see Jim in his element. I bet he can't wait to teach his son to skate!

Tralee is adorable and I love her hat!

Boom said...

I think Tralee likes the snow better than the ice so far.

Jim said...

Glad you're blogin again


Joanna said...

Hey I didn't know Lake Lowell froze enough to skate on! I'm going to have to try that one out. It's so fun to hear about what you guys are up to. We miss you in the ward. I hope you can come to one of our girls nights out sometime. I'll keep you posted about the next one.

Mary Ann Carlile said...

Thanks for the ideas to add to our "List of things to do in the Minnesota winter when it is freakin' cold!" Looks like lots of fun!

Joni said...

That looks like so much fun!

Hannah S said...

He looks like a pro! I don't all. so going on a frozen lake would freak me out even more, especially w/no guard rails. I guess it's safe....I would be so afraid of falling in. I'm a wimp.
You're a great wife and mother, Lesley!